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Good idea, any idea how many calories you'll burn?
I can't do trampolines or bouncy castles - I always get a REALLY sore throat?! lol
380 per hour.. I was watching The Biggest Loser the other day on Sky Living and one of the trainer tips was a quick spurt of exercise during the breaks and they reckoned that during a 2 hour episode if you do the trampette or jumping jacks you can burn 250 calories..
bloody hell, that's a good burn, for a fun exercise (not the jumping jacks. Evil, evil, evil jumping jacks lol)


Slimming down the aisle
I don't mind jumping jacks that much! Or the jump rope, that would work the same. I'm still pretty heavy and so don't think I'd find a decent trampette for my size!
Caroline, I started at 251 and had had a couple of drunken bounces on a kiddie's one, with no embarrassing rips or non-bounces lol You'd be fine!
when i 1st started dieting, i bought a couple of hand weights, and did them whilst watching tele, now if i want to do them, i've 2 shut the dog out the room, for some reason he goes, loop if i put my arms above me head:D
I was thinking in buying a trampette, honestly didnt think u could burn that many calories from bouncing up and down lol
Think i may have to go get one now :)
I bought one last year. I love it! I've not used it so much recently, just restarting with trying to lose weight again now and have had too many people in the house recently - definitely something I only do when I have the house to myself, I'd feel very silly otherwise! I don't know in terms of calories but I think it's quite effective for what it is and it's something I enjoy doing - stick my music on and do star-jumps/jogging on it, plus moving my arms too.
Oh right think im defo going to get one now :)

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