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So I've just tried on a size 18 outfit I remembered I had. It didn't go anywhere near me. I'm traumatised.
Just had a soak in the bath to take my mind off food lol.
Just wondering what the point is... Instead of being happy losing almost a stone all it's done is accentuate just how much a I need to lose (another 7 1/2 stones).
I feel I've let everyone down too. My partner didn't sign up for someone twice the weight I was when we met with no self confidence!!
Rant over, sorry!!
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Oh honey, I know it seems quite daunting when you look at the whole picture. Try not to dwell on the total amount you want to lose, just take small steps - aim for 7lbs at a time and you will soon be at the weight you want to be darlin x x
louise1 dont b daft!!! You only have a few pounds to go before that 18 fits fine, three weeks or so by my reckoning tho i dont know what height you are... take it in easy steps babe, youll get there, im sure your other half signed up for it all, otherwise u wouldnt b together... you are on the right track and it is so within your reach so stop feeling bad about yourself and rejoice in what u have lost and what your going to loose xx chin up shoulders back xxxxx
Aww thanks Tasha. I'm 5ft 2 which isn't great. I look like a weeble/hippo lol.
I think I hit ketosis today & feel a little spaced out, suppose it's making me over emotional lol.
I hope things are better at home for you hun.xx
you said a very important thing in your post.... "partner", you see he loves you for you.... You are not happy so you are changing "you", be happy that you have started and honestly you are an 8th of the way through, thats a stone you will never have to loose again, in a few months you won't even think about this day - you will be moaning your 18 jeans are too big xx
Sorry you are having a down day, but I am sure you will feel much better tomorrow after a good nights sleep.

One day at a time is the best way to look at TFR or like has already been advised, small stages.

Big hugs xxx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Louise, don't be sooo hard on yourself. Think of the positives here:
You realise you have to make changes.
You have begun that journey by starting on LT.
You have already lost 11lbs.
Your partner is obviously supporting you on your journey.
Take this journey in small steps. Every week will see the pounds drop off. In four or five weeks you will really begin to see your shape changing. More importantly, you will feel better in yourself as your system gets cleared of all the junk and toxins built up from a bad diet.
Keep your chin up and focus on your goal of a leaner and healthier Louise. The weeks will fly by!!!!!!
Louise, I know exactly how you feel, when I started, I had 8 1/2 stone to lose, i'm 5ft tall, and i started at size 24. I have been on this diet (on and off, as i had 6 weeks off for xmas) for about 8 months now, i've lost nearly 6 stone and i'm in a size 10-12. Its really hard at the beginning, when nothing seems to happen, but you just wait, it will, and soon (for me it was about 2 1/2 months to 3 months) it will seem like you lost a whole lot all in one go, and your sizes will just fall off, if you're like me, you'll be whinging you have to buy new clothes on what seems like a weekly basis! You will get there, I promise, it is daunting, but its so very worth it, give it time, you'll see. best of luck on your journey, and whenever you need inspiration or support, there's always someone here to help x

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