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Morning all ..
After nearly 6 weeks on my exercise bike ... and my bum has been killing me !!LOL..
I have bought myself a treadmill. It was secondhand -so came without a manual.
I noticed when i did an hour last night I acheived 2.5 km in total and used about 220 cals and that took an hour. I was doing a steady pace of between 2/3 km and didnt really increase speed a lot maybe tops 4/4.5 km.
I did 1/2 hour this morning and increased the speed from 3km to 5km for 10 mins and then slowed down again - did that twice and managed a total of 1.9 km and used 185 cals.... So it would seem that i should do the latter more often !!. I have a big bottle of water on hand as well.
Does anyone have any tips on using a treadmill, and what i should do - I dont feel confident about jogging/ running on it yet ..as of fear of knocking myself out with my 'Bangers'!! LOL
no seriously. bit wary at the minute .
thanxs for any tips xx
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Fighting the bulge

I really want a treadmill!! Are they reasonably priced 2nd hand? I have to start exercising i use to go running with a friend but she's moved and i havent gone alone since!!
I can't exercise on a treadmill right now as I've got an arthritis flare-up in my knee. However, I'd suggest that you slowly increase the speed and incline - perhaps on a weekly basis. I did just that (when I was fitter!!) and quickly progressed to running for 40mins easily :)

The interval training that you mention is fantastic for increasing fitness, so definitely carry on doing that.
I've the same problem as you - however, I did invest in some really good sports bras and double layered with a supportive exercise top.

When you've increased your speed, you'll find it easier to run than walk - give in to it. A gentle run is a great way to start increasing the pace.

Hope this helps!!!
thanxs for both your comments and advice.
Pesty- I got mine of E-bay. I bidded on one ,lost it by £3.00 !- then 2 days later it was back on and listed as being for 'spares or repairs'- when i asked wot was wrong , the belt had rips and tears in it .... Phew thats was close i nearly ended up with that .
But i logged on ebay on saturday and someone close had just put one on. and whilst I was deciding whether or not to bid - they put a Buy It Now price off £100 !! so i bit the bullet and bought it !!
THen told OH afterwards LOL.
Its good I can set times and it has 3 inclines on it and I have had it running at 14km... I was knackered just watching it LOL.
Im hoping that it will help my weight loss. Just make sure you check the belt before you buy.
hope this helps

Tips for the treadmill depend on what your goal is - increased fitness? purely weight loss?

Before I knackered my ankle I used to run 5-10k events a few times a year and interval training is the way to go in my mind. Start slow with 2 mins at slightly higher than normal walking pace, then 1 min as fast as you can go, then back to walking for 2 mins.

You can sneak up the fast interval - either by time for endurance, or speed for cardio strength. :bliss:

But if that all sounds a bit serious any form of exercise is good :D and well done for getting on the treadmill at all!
Hi, interval training is the best for losing weight and overall fitness.
If you are not confident running (yet) then start off with a slow walk on a flat incline (for 2 minutes to warm up). Then every minute or minute and a half increase the incline and increase the speed. This will get your heartrate up alot more than walking and hence burn more calories.
Once you have gone as high and as fast as you can start taking it down again.
If you turn this into a 20 minute workout it will do wonders.
As a gym fanatic and someone who is at their goal weight - it worked for me.
Good Luck x
Treadmills are great for weight loss! Mine is broken at the moment and don't know when it will get fixed (it only goes on 1 speed and it's the fastest, so definately can't do it).
I started off just walking and then did a few intervals of jogging and it was a great workout. Just be aware of your posture when on the treadmill and try not to get into a habit of holding on all the time. Make some use of your arms and swing them by your side. When I got really confident I also used to lift my hands up and down as if I was lifting weights (when at a low speed) to get more of an upper body workout too.
You will love it, especially if you do it to music or watch your fav program while doing exercise.

Also there is a Couch to 5k program you may want to look into once you are more used to your treadmill and have a good pattern.

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