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Treat nights??

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Hi guys - hope everyone is ok today. I started sw again properly after my holidays the other day and my plan was to stick to the plan in a 12 week countdown to give myself a chance to see if sw actually works. In the past I've allowed myself to get very demotivated when my weight loss is slow - which it usually is and end up giving up. Because I had no social engagements and stuff i thought it would be ok but this weekend I have 2 challenges that have come up.

On saturday night my partner is off out and my eldest son on holiday which means I will be in on my own - which is fab because that NEVER happens. Usually I would treat myself with pizza/choclate/icecream/crisps and a girly film - you get the picure?? I really don't want to do that but I know because it's already at the back of my mind I'll start to think "it's a one off - this doesn't happen often so make the most of it". Any ideas for a yummy feast I can have or tips to get through the night.

Second is Sunday. I am off out to a 30th party - again me going out is a rare thing as I have 2 young children as well as my elder son. I'll be eating before I go but what are good drinks to have. Am I right in thinking a diet vodka and coke is 2.5 syns?

Can I just say too - this forum is fab. There are so many ideas and people who have done so well and the support you give each other is amazing. :)
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Yes to your question about vodka and diet coke being 2.5 syns unless you want to be really good and just have the diet drinks, lol.

You can still have pizza, there is a recipe in one of the books for it :) or you could find a yummy recipe from the forum and try that, follow the recipe eat what you want then freeze the rest, you can also do chocolate cake from the forum too :) dont deprive yourself is all I say cos if you do the craving gets worse, everything in moderation thats what our syns are for..


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Pile of SW chips with 3 x grated babybel cheese (HeB) grated on top and vlf mayo - total 1/2 syn on green. Velvet crisps or walkers baked (4ish syns), cadbury light mouse (3 syns), freeze muller light or activia vanilla yogurt - syn free "ice cream" - have fun, film - your choice but mine would be - My Sisters Keeper - not seen it yet but read the book and cried buckets
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Watch out for pub measures, some are 35ml instead of 25ml, and I think that a 35ml measure works out at 4syns each!!!

While the film is on, paint your nails or put a face mask on, its pretty hard to eat with wet nails and a cemented face lol.

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How about cheeseburger and SWchips ? Use extra lean mince and reduced fat cheese from your HEXs, you could have a HEX roll as well. I make a yummy syn free BBQ sauce for dipping the chips in. My other fav is Nandos style chicken, SW chips and cauliflower cheese. You could then save all your syns that day to treat yourself to some chocolate.

The problem with going off plan if you don't have to is it is easy to then slip into 'oh I'll start again tomorrow' and have a mega binge but tomorrow never comes....

I have been off plan a few times but only allow myself off plan when there is no other option or if it's a big social event. My rule is once i am back home I am back on plan!! (no matter how bad the hangover!!) I have still had a loss every week even with the odd off plan night out.

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