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Morning all :D
Well had a wee treat last night and went to the Chinese with my bf, i usually have my treat after weigh in on a Monday but i didn’t this week so i had it last night and i thoroughly emjoyed it, it was sooooooo nice.. but back on track today, i think we all need a treat once a week as if we denied ourselves completely we just end up goin on a mad binge! So thats my treat out of the way for this week and i dont feel guilty at all :)xx
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Hi my treat is an extra zumba class ,I used to treat myself with food and not point but after I went to lighterlife the counseller said why do we reward ourselves with food? Since then I dint used food as a reward just as the extra calories will show somewhen as it's the bigger picture.

Glad it's working for you and if it stops a binge then it's a good idea just wondering do you think you make more sensible choices at a treat or just have what you like?xx
Usually i wud make more sensible choices but not all the time, although i have to say i never finish my treat i cant for some reason lol even if im starving i can never finish the entire portion, but i do find it helps me to stay focused, i dont go mad but i do have one meal where i wont point it once a week, although usually i wont have ate that much durin that day.. for me im doin well as i used to eat 3-4 takeaways per week!!! I dont get a takeaway as my treat everytime sometimes il just have something yummy from the freezer! But its my way of rewardin myself but within time i may find sumthin esle to reward myself wit lol..but im only human and we all deserve a treat, i wud rather do that than have a huge blowout :) xx


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We have a treat a week :giggle: Its usually a chippy but lately i've just been getting a pizza from asda or tesco and enjoying it :D

I've done it before hwere i dont have anything and i lose it and binge! So whatever works for you :D


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Obviously whatever you are doing it is working for you as I just seen your weight loss of 5.5lbs! Well done:happy096:
thank u :)

yeah i defo need a treat night or i really wud go completely of the rails, we r all human lol and our body needs somethin greasy at least once a week hehe i enjoyed every morsel last night was so yummy. so that wil do me now until next week:)xx
Yes what ever works for you is best, just it in the end made me lose weight really slow and got me in the cycle of yoyoing.
Sounds like your incontrol though xx
Was just thinking of this myself - wondering if people gave themselves a treat after weigh in? I used to when I went to WW first time round - with the slowe metabolism this time I tend not too. Mind you I've only had 2 weigh ins....but this weekend we are having a party and so that can be my treat. God help me!!!!!
No matter what diet iv done iv always had a treat day, especially with way things can be it isn’t always possible to eat the right things so always have a treat, no matter if its a party, a takeaway or out for a meal, helps me to stay in control instead of goin mad and to be honest i dont wanna turn into one of these people who say oh i cant have this and i cant have that, i do that most of the week so i give myself one night off lol . Otherwise i wud go mad as iv said before, hasn’t done me any harm in the past, not as if its a whole day off its one night or one meal xx
Hubby's going to get a PB bag when i get a 3 stone loss:D, hopefully by xmas. I might buy a new pandora chrm for every stone i lose. I dont really want to reward myself with food, coz thats what got me in this position :( I have to admit i was a comfort eater and that why i dont reward myself with food, coz i know i will go over my points.

However it obviously works for you giving that you have a 5.5lb loss! Your doing really well, 5.5lb loss is great! Hope i get a good loss on monday...
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just to say good 4 u if having a treat works for u then u should have one and not feel bad about it. im yet to have a treat but its been something ive been thinking about since starting, altho i have managed to have chow mein and mc donalds in my first week without going over my points and lost 10lb. whatever u do its ur choice
altho i have managed to have chow mein and mc donalds in my first week without going over my points and lost 10lb. whatever u do its ur choice
Nice result - and a Maccy D's in too. :D

My treat this week is going to be cupcakes as we are having a cupcake cake for our anniversary on Saturday and of course some champers....better start saving the points and get some exercise in tomorrow too. ;)

mc chicken s/w only 6.5 pts
small chips 3.5 pts
an a diet coke

an i was FULL
that's okay - 10pts on a dinner.

Nice incentive purple rain - hubby got me
a PB earlier this year. Dying to know what he's gotten me for my birthday - know that he's going to give me $'s for our October hols. He has said that he has bought me something small for Saturday. :)


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i've always had a treat after weigh in.....it's something to look forward and i know and have gone mad in the past when i haven't had a treat.

plus i read somewhere it's good for the metabolism as the body quickly gets used to the same kinda cals everyday while it's ,meant to shake it up having more cals now and again x
i dont treat myself with food either,,last week i bought a new dress this week a new cardigan,,all too small for me and that's my motivation.. to fit into them in a few weeks!!!!
I have a cupcake after my weigh in, I look forward to it all week - how sad! Now I still count it and count it as 7 points whereas when I was in WW before I used to go mad after weigh in and usually it would carry into the weekend and I'd eat all around me! I'm much more disciplined this time.

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