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Treated myself to a NEW, non Charity SHop top! :D

I had to go to London today for work, and I got into town early, and whoops! FOund a cute little shopcalled Virgo.

It was a trendy litttle boutique, and I found this little number! I splurged, and got it for my holiday. Will wear it over my swim suit when lounging about in the 90 degree sun that awaits! :D

It was fun to go into a little boutique and be able to buy something off the rack. That still gives me a buzz and is hard to believe!!!

The photo doesn't do it justice - the front os covered with beads and jewels....its really pretty. :)

It's my "My husband went to California a week before me, and all I got was this shirt" shirt. :giggle: :D
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will look great over your cossie! lucky you, bet you can't wait
daisy x


I Can Do This!
You look stunning in it. What great shoulders you have BL. ;)


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BL, its gorgeous, can i borrow it afterwards please, hehehe. lol. Well deserved my lovely to treat yourself, your looking stunning as always xx


Playing the Angel
Fabulous shirt, you must let me know where in London the shop is, so I can pop in and have a look in there when I get to goal.

It looks superb BL.
C will LOVE it and your friends will want it.
Enjoy wearing it. xx:wave_cry:
Ooh, so pretty!! (top isn't bad either!! LOL!).

I love anything with embellishment on it, and it's got the most gorgeous colours around the neckline. Just lovely.

I'm jealous as I just refuse to get my arms out still as I hate the baggy skin - even though I know it's probably not as bad as I imagine! You do have the prettiest shoulders BL!
still getting through it, slight pulpartations though which is a bit worring anyone else experienced them????
Lovely top BL.Wee tatt is cute too xx
THanks JC. There will soon be a new one there, erm, considerably more substantial! ;) I am just waiting to find theperfect artist. It will be this summer though! Watch this space!! Or, that space. :D

Thank you everyone! Thanks for the comments about my shoulders. :) I like them too. SO see - there IS a part of me I don't winge about!! :rotflmao: But from tghe shoulder down, are-wise - the photo hides a fair few flaws that are a result of thie diet. But ya know what - I am doing my best to take Rachels attitude of "so what" at least they aren't fat like suasages anymore! SO I will get them out. Slowly but surely.; :D

The shop is called Virgo, and they are in CHingford. I could have gone absolutly mad in there is I had the time and the money. Really lovely stuff, pretty reasonably priced. THat was originally 25 quid, on sale for 12.50!

I really love it, and its such beautiful soft cotton. White is a bit risky - considering where we will be swimming (river), but so be it!

THanks for your lovely comments.

Hadley, one day you WILL be at the end of it and you won;t believe how fast it went. :)
Wow BL you look fantastic! :)


...we're sinking deeper.
Lovely top! It really suits you BL :D Plus 25 quid down to 12.50 BARGAIN!! :eek: I bet you'll feel FANTASTIC sunbathing in that beautiful shirt, feeling fabulous on your holiday!

It was fun to go into a little boutique and be able to buy something off the rack. That still gives me a buzz and is hard to believe!!!
I still feel funny walking into 'normal' shops sometimes. When I was bigger I always used to think that the shop assistants and everyone in the shop would think "What is she doing here? Nothing fits her here". ... Sometimes I still think that, even though I *do* get a buzz when I pick up a size 10 and it FITS. I still can't believe it to be honest. ... looking at your own clothes in your warderobe and thinking they don't fit is a strange feeling. Takes quite a few months for the brain to catch up I suppose! :rolleyes:

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