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Treating myself.


Is thinking positive!
Since I have been losing weight I feel the need to be treating myself to face creams, Perfume and make up and so on...I am even dying my hair red today :D I just feel so much confident about myself..And feel I want to pamper myself, Make myself look good..where as when I was 26 stones I just bathed and threw whatever fitted me on, No creams, Make up, I just felt like there was no point in even trying because I was just getting bigger and bigger and I did not like my appearance one bit :( But 3 stones lost...And I am mosturizing my body everywhere :p Putting make up on, Lush perfumes and feel great, Has anyone else been feeling and doing things like this since you have been losing weight?
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I wash my hair more often lol and straighten it and spend time doing make up and it takes me agessssssss to get ready specially if im going out, cos i want to look well.. before it was just anything black and slimming! good for you thou.. u deserve to feel great.. ur doing so well!
I have made myself a promise that when I reach 11st I am going to treat myself to a whole day of pamering ie massage facial and hair cut something to look forward to

and yes I am moisturizing everywhere now

feels good xx


Gonna be slim again
Good on ya Laura, and the rest of you girls. It goes to show how this weight of ours has dominated our lives for so long, you all deserve to treat yourselves. Me, well today i went out to get a few new clothes (nowt special, just from matalan) as i'll be changing them again soon i hope. But what a buzz, selecting size 34 jeans, trying suits on and the mrs saying, that looks really good on you, as opposed to yeah that will do. But Yes we do need treats to praise ourseleves and give us reasons for doing this, so well done to all.
Yep Laura my intent is every week I lose I get a treat...today I got some neck and bust cream...don't want them sagging lol....when I reach goal am going to go out and have a colour and style makeover :) for me a reward will act as a positive reinforcement for changing my behaviours instead of always punishing myself when I get it wrong (eating more etc).
Hacen't done this yet...but can't wait till I feel the need to... what a fab feeling that must be..!!:p
To be honest I'm not really doing anything like that. I bought some Palmers and use that after every shower but that's about it lol. I can hardly even be bothered to wear make-up (after all I'm generally either at home or at work and there's no one to impress there). Maybe I'm just a lazy bum lol - well, that and the fact that I'm broke...
ive been doing exactly the same laura ,, tonight i put on creams and have been doing my hair while on here ,it makes me feel so much better and i know it gives me a lift to carry on ,before i just didnt bother i didnt see the point ... your doing so well u should be so proud :)
I'm the same lmao! I have actually bought myself a 'hold-all'-its basically a really big make up bag really, and bought 2 new body butters (I LOVE body butter :D) and new shampoo and 2 new bubble baths. some face mask and hair mask thingys. I dug out my neglected face creams, my night cream and lip balms and stashed them all in my new lovely stripey hold all and it is my 'Get Through The Night Bag'!! My toughest times on Lt are evenings so its bath and pamper Roisin time! before the only routine I had was putting some nivea on my face before bed! Now I go to sleep with hair moisturiser (yes! hair moisturiser! lol), night repair serum, nivea, my body smothered in a chocolately/coffee scented bdy butter from boots and a 75cl botter of water in me. Tonight will be Shea body butter (my absolute fave!!!) I wake up feeling great!
Yesterday I actually showered, buttered, straightened and made up -all before noon! I wasn't even going out!

Sorry for the long reply but I can't get over how much this has helped me and made me feel so much more attractive! lol I beginning to truly feel like I'm worth the effort now.

Love it Rose..we are worth looking after...."Here comes the girls "
Whoops, I'm a lazy cow, though at my age I need more hope than most!!!! I did buy some Bio Oil but use spasmodically. I could do with some good face cream/moisturiser/anti-wrinkle stuff if anyone could recommend one please.


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