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Extra Easy Treats on Slimming World

Hi, I am currently following WW but have seriously lost my mojo. I feel like maybe I could do with a change. (Abit fed up with counting points!) Not losing any weight because I keep cheating!!!
I have previously done slimming world and love the freedom (extra easy) of free foods but I struggle with a couple of things and wondered if you could give me any ideas.

When on WW, you can save points for treats like a packet of crips or a choccie bar or even some toast. Now I know the average person gets 5-15 syns a day but wondered what people have as treats. Also, what do people eat for breakfasts or lunches when you work?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. :eek:
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Treats for me include:

* Kitkat (5.5)
* Time Out (4.5)
* Galaxy Bubbles (8.5)
* Velvet Crunch Crisps (4)
* Quark mixed with Wicked White Options (2.5)

Breakfast ideas:

* Fry(light) breaksaft of bacon, eggs, beans, tomaots & mushrooms
* Oat so Simple Original Porridge (HEXB + HEXA for ss milk)
* Quorn sausages
* Bacon sandwich (2 slices of Nimble HEXB)
* Fruit and yogs
* Omlette


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If you have a look through some of the food diaries on the forum there are loads of ideas for breakfasts and lunches! The recipe section is also real good :)

As for snacks, I love the muller light vanilla and choc yogurts, fruit, sugar free jelly, I have one chocolate bar a week and syn it, mikado are 1/2 a syn each if you have strong enough willpower to not eat the whole box (unlike myself lol).. there are endless choices!

I think my problem is that I do like to snack and WW allows you to do this. If I was to change to SW then I would like to still be able to snack on other things besides fruit and yogurts!!! If I feel like I am depriving myself of something then I usually end up bingeing!


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Well SW is more of a 'plan for life' type of thing. It teaches you to eat healthily and make wiser choices when planning meals. I used to snack loads but once I started eating three proper meals a day and filling myself up with healthier food I realised I was snacking because I was bored, not because I was hungry. Pepsi max is also another great snack buster!

Obviously, it's not for everyone but there are always going to be some draw backs when it comes to losing weight.

Good luck either way!!

Emily xxx
I really like using my HEXB of ryvita crackerbreads spread thinly with nutella. If you sandwich them and cut them into strips they taste like blue ribbons. If you use the 6 of a HEX and 1 level tbsp on Nutella you get loads of biscuits and they are only 4 sins!

Very satisfying with that evening cuppa

A sachet of options (2 or 2.5 syns) stirred into fromache frais. Oh my god, I really didn't think I would like it, but it is incredible.
I stir mine into 0% Greek yog because it's so thick it feels more like a choccie treat than a choccie yogurt!

Mmmm, might have to go get some tomorrow!!


you lookin' at me?
When I first started I was saving and using my Syns for unhealthy choices, such as crisps, chocolate etc, but, I now find that I don't want those things quite so often, if at all. Now I use my syns for things like butter on ryvita, or using olive oil in cooking. I guess my needs have changed as I have progressed through the weight loss.
The thing about SW is that there is so much you can eat freely, that using your syns for things like crisps is ok and with 15 syns a day on TOP of three decent meals thats a lot of flexibility.
Agree with the 0% Greek yoguart its soooo thick and creamy unlike fromage frais and natural yoguart which can be a bit tart!! I'm not so fussed about options stirred in because its a little grainy for me but i add a little sweetner and vanilla extract and its lush with a crumbled meringue nest (2 sins) and strawberries and raspberries.....i call it SW eaton mess it feels like a naughty treat!!!
I'm starting my third week and although new to this I will let you know what works for me.

I'm not a big breakfast person - especially as I am too tired at 6am when I arise. I alternate between corn flakes and weetabix and coffee (sweetener and skimmed milk from allowance on both). Today, i switched to the WW Danish bread to allow 3 slices per day (woohoo) so had 1 slice of toast with beans instead of the usual cereal. (leaving the 2 others for the chicken breast lunchtime sandwich).

Snacks use to kill me at work, an endless supply of crisps, occasional choccie bar and loads of "bits and pieces". That is all replace now by fruit and occasionally veg sticks such as carrot. I find it really helps.

For syns, I alternate between Walker Lights, Snack-a-Jacks, and Ryvita minis - the latter can be a healthy B. I am very fortunate that I'm not a chocaholic or a sweet-tooth person, but a two-fingered KitKat is only 5 syns (I bought 32 but not needed one yet lol). With me, part of it is psychological - even crispbread satisfy my craving to crunch!

My biggest dangers were/are crisps, bread, lurpak and chips. All have been replaced adequately (for now).

Not sure if it is of any use to you, but it is serving me well for the first few weeks at any rate!


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