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***tremendous thursday daily thread***

Hello daily threaders

Welcome to Tremendous Thursday, a wonderful day for putting behind us any blips and making tremendous progress on our CD journeys.
I was warned that we can get quite tired in the first few days of starting CD (or re-starting, in my case)-and I definitely agree! Yes, I really should have got to bed much earlier but only took 1 food pack to work not knowing that my retail-partner-in-crime (another shop-a-holic) would suggest a spontaneous trip to Oxford Street, where we spent a mammoth but enjoyable 3 and a half hours in Debenhams . So had to catch up with foodpacks and fluids when I got home.
Weigh-in today, new venue at Canary Wharf (I didn't attend my counsellor's local session on Saturday); will be nice to take a stroll to see the Christmas decorations.
I am now a shopping free zone (declared with QVC broadcasting in the background!)
"Wishing everyone a successful CD day":D x
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Yes! Certainly putting blips behind us! :eek: I've drunk 5 litres of water today for my 'blip' so that is well and truly behind me :p Onwards and downwards!
(Obviously that's 5 litres in total, not 5 litres on top of my 3 :eek:)

I have a lovely lovely lie in tomorrow (ahhhh student life) so I'm up late tonight :rolleyes:

Here's to a fabulous Thursday. I have to resist hummingbird bakery cupcakes tomorrow :eek: but I shall do it, and it'll be fine :p I shall sit there with a shake and some water like a good girl hahaha.
Why oh why did I just decide to look up the bakery? I'm drooling now :rolleyes:
Don't do it anyone!

Good luck everyone :D


Slimming down the aisle
Morning all! I'm up and awake and wanting to go to the gym, but it doesn't open for another 2 hours! I almost can't believe I'm saying that really!! I mean, I'm tired, but I want to get myself back in to the swing of the gym, and that means making myself go anyway. So going with the motivation while it's still there! My lats have stopped hurting this morning, so seems like it's time to destroy them again anyway! ha
Good morning all. Going for a 100% SS day. Got my exercise outta the way and I must admit, it's a lot more fun to do with 2-3 stones less. I wasn't breathless or looking for a break after my series of leglifts or lunges. I think I'm turning a new leaf where exercise will now be fun and enjoyable. I think I can describe myself today as HAPPY!!!
have a great day all :) I have my first 'official' weigh in tonight on Day 11 as I go to CDC every two weeks - hoping for a good loss tonight, will keep you posted!

Glugging away at the water here after a terrible day on it yesterday and going to make porridge in a little while :)


please try again
morning girls, hope your all having a good one

good luck bling and rudles for your weigh ins

had my weigh in last night, 3lb down yay

meeting a friend tonight so the day will be spent doing my hair and nails


Silver Member
Morning everyone! I've had my weigh in and am slightly disappointed. I lost the 8lbs I put on, but I wanted 1lb more just so that I am making progress and not stuck at 17st 8lbs which I have been for weeks and weeks. However, I gave in to The Voice last night and had sausages and a tomato for dinner so only have myself to blame!

Back on it today. Must make an effort to drink more water. I'm really struggling with it this time.
Hello dear daily threaders

Thanks Summayah for wishing me luck at weigh-in, infact this had better be a quick post as I need to get there. Hope you enjoy the pampering with your friend.

Guru, I know what you mean with the wish that you would have lost an extra pound, I feel exactly the same way. But my body seems a bit mixed up and still pre-TOTM, so I must take this into account with whatever loss I achieve.
Great motivation happening here with the gym and exercise superstars - well done!

Good Luck Rudles for your weigh-in and Jennikay, keep away from these cupcakes! I know they are incredibly trendy (shops in Carnaby Street etc dedicated to the cupcake cult!) at the momment but are only posh fairycakes ha ha!

Catch up later x
PS - Guru, don't fret over sausage blip. I woke up today and felt I'd love some food, laptop wouldn't work and other IT problems - you know the type of day when you should have stayed in bed, ha ha!


Slimming down the aisle
Guru I know what you mean but you should still be so proud with those 8lbs!

Good luck BB!!!

Just got back from the gym, cardio was harder today, but still really enjoyed it. I better hurry up and shower and change or I'm gonna be late to go meet my friend!
I was expecting a small loss this week after my big loss last week but 4lbs has gone so I am very pleased. I am going to make a huge effort with the water this week and see if I can keep it going.

Does anyone have any recommendations for something to take for a cough? I feel awful this morning but am scared to take anything in case it interferes with CD or hurts my stomach cos there is nothing in it!

However - lurgy aside, I am happy cos I am shrinking! I can't wait to be be bouncing around and saying I have lost 4 stones and there's not long to go!
Congrats AI and Guru on your losses (very good ones), and Caroline (for getting up and getting going) -- good luck BB on the weigh in.

I'm having a tremendous Thursday because I am off on Friday lol and looking forward to the weekend's early start. I was the WiiFit Thread earlier and I think I'll be trying some new activities tonight. I am feeling inspired by them and all of you.



Silver Member
I'm off to the swimming pool. I have promised myself a peanut bar if I do 50 lengths :D
I shall resist those cupcakes - actually when I looked on the website they looked distinctly unimpressive for £1.50 - I prefer the 4 for £1.50 chocolate cupcakes from Morrisons, me! They seriously are to DIE for.

I've gone and made myself drool now - shall put that bit in white, so if you want to torture yourself then highlight it :rotflmao:

The extra fibre seems to have FINALLY kicked in, nice to be regular and hoping for a good loss this week! :D I have my normal weekend seeing my boyfriend this weekend - shall be lots of lovely junk food floating around but I'm normally pretty good so I shall keep it that way!

I asked my CDC about having a drink while on CD and she said a slimline G&T is fine (yes, I know it can be dangerous but I am ALWAYS under careful supervision.) Last night was out and someone else was buying so couldn't say no :eek: I was perfectly fine, just very very glad that I DID have an SS+ meal before I went out, and have washed it down with an extra litre or two of water. Just a shame I can't have one this weekend, but that's my own fault :whoopass:

Whew, long post! Maybe I should get dressed before my lecture. :D

50 lengths! Will you have the strength left to open the bar?



please try again

50 lengths! Will you have the strength left to open the bar?

sounds like a good technique for keeping on the straight and narrow, knacker yourself out to the point of not being able to get your hand to your mouth

well im off out in a minute, am not really looking forward to it since my mouth stinks due to the lack of swallowing


Silver Member
I can do 50 lengths no problem. I am no where near knackered at the end of it - in fact I've been toying with the idea of doubling it to 100! It takes me 50 minutes to do 50.

However, when I started swimming, I struggled to do 20 lengths so even if it hasn't helped my weight loss, it has certainly improved my fitness.
Back again.

Summayah, well done on your weight loss, I was rushing too much this morning to properly read, and wow Guru - 50 lengths at the swimming pool. Another great shrinking week Alexice !
I am now 10 stones and 13 pounds, so yes its good news - I am in the 10's! My last weigh-in was 18 days ago, oh my goodness, thanks to silly blip it has taken me this long to lose 1 pound. Let that be a little warning to anyone thinking that they might go off the rails.

However, I am pleased because I managed to get back onto CD after 4 wild off days, and I am now weighing less.

Lets just say I had a bit of retail therapy, it was my favourite silver and opaque jewellery on QVC this afternoon, one lovely zebra jasper necklace.

Having some terrible thoughts about eating stuff I shouldn't - what's happened to my willpower, alas, where's it hiding?! x
Hope you get your will power back on track Blingbabe.

I am off to bed and hopefully I will wake up tomorrow not quite so ill as stoday!

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