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***tremendous 'tummy toning' tuesday***

Good morning daily threaders

Hope that everyone has a fulfilling CD day!

My good news is that I had my first weigh-in since re-starting on 4th Jan, and I am now 11:5. Unfortunately I don't accurately know what I weighed to begin with, but it was a pound or two over 12 stones, at least!

There has been lots of inspiring weight losses posted lately, a pregnancy, a lovely new image, and some ladies that are pleased to have back their heating!

Good Luck to all x :D
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BlingBabe - 11.5 !!! Congratulations - really good results and that must be making you feel great and will keep you on track. You have done wonderfully well to get back into CD!

I am happy today as my friend popped up with my new jeans which were way too long and she was taking them to a seamstress to have them taken up for me. Her mum happened to see them and ask why they were there and when my friend explained, her mum very kindly said that she would do them herself :) Yippee so now I can wear my new jeans tomorrow! err which is today really as I am being a bit of a night owl.
I think I shall have another trip to the charity clothes drop off place tomorrow and get rid of the sack load of things which are too big.

I have just been looking at my progress chart and realised that I am 1 st 5 lbs off being half way. (I need to lose 12 stones)
1st 5lbs is something I can do before my trip to Uk at the end of March and this is going to keep me on the straight and narrow. I am starting to get excited about getting weighed again as each new pound off is an all time low and it feels so good.
:) Have a lovely day everyone!
That half-way milestone is really just a short while away! The charity drop-off is doing well out of you- that's yet another bonus to your weight loss. I have identified some good stuff that I will be able to donate when CD over.
I should get to bed too, but this site is addictive x
Well ladies, I'm off to do an ab session for tummy toning tuesday. sneaked a peek on scales and already have lost 3lbs from sunday... I'm really hoping this week i lose the last bits of the holiday binge so that i can start fresh again next week. Hope you guys have a great day
talking tummys mine is killing me today, on top of that ive weighed the same for the last 4 days :cry: i know its all just constipation tho as i havent been for a week but it really makes me feel yukky and i just feel uncomfortable and bloated

you are all doing so well so far :D


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Hi Ladies --

As I changed to go to the gym (for the first time this year) -- I certainly noticed that "tummy toning" needs to be a priority. Between the "muffin top and flabby front abs... well, let's just say Tummy Toning Tuesday is right.

AlexIce -- Your friend's mum is a sweetie. Enjoy your new jeans -- and congrats on being nearly 1/2 way throug a very long journey.

BB you are doing really well -- you talk (or type) about how difficult it is for you to stay the course, but you are losing fairly quickly especially since you are very close to your ideal weight.

Mandy -- I am a bit concerned. I know there are some things you can use whilst doing CD to help with this kind of problem. Maybe you could ask your CD consultant for advice. It can't be comfortable at all - or very healthy.

I've already taken the dog for little walk -- and should be back at the house by 10:30 for longer walk with my neighbour. I put the second DSLite My Personal Fitness Coach: Walking on the dog yesterday evening (you can actually register it as being assigned to a dog) -- and she made her 3,000 steps in less than 2 hours. I wonder how much rolling around on the floor messed up her actual step count? LOL



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Good morning all. Man I'm tired! I set my alarm for 8am and then ended up snoozing for half an hour. It took forever to get to sleep last night, think it was about 2am. Seem to have got into really bad sleep patterns. Well I'm going to go and get ready to head out for my presentation. I'm leaving at about 10.15 so depending on how long everything takes I might pop back on in a bit. Hope you all have a fab food free and water glugging day!
MM dont worry ill be fine, prob tmi but ive suffered with trapped wind for last few years, doc said i have IBS, my mother in law has that and my symptoms are different to hers and without being checked for it i cant see how he can say ive got it and the tabs he gave me for it didnt help.
ill just have to lie down on my side for a bit before work and it helps ease it.
i had a cup of slimatee last night which normally helps me go to the loo, ill have another one when i get home from work this afternoon if i need to and if all else fails ive got some senakot
think i will get some of the fibre stuff on thursday when i go for WI
think totm due as well which doesnt really help :cry:

CG good luck with your presentation, love the hair btw


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Mandy - the CD fibre stuff definitely helps me, I would give it a try.

Right :) dressed in my new jeans and will make the clothes run in a while. It feels so satisfying to get rid of stuff!

and... I got weighed this morning and am down to a new all time low of 19 st 4 down from 24 st 1 :) hurray! just 3lbs to go to hit the 5 stone mark!

Happy happy happy
OMG LOOK .... I have just updated my tickers and guess what ... my BMI is now under 40!!!! lol never thought I would see that!

Morning -- for 15 more minutes. Mandy your children's photos are lovely. I always wonder how NHS doctors seem to "know" what is wrong with you without testing. I hope things get sorted.

Congrats Alex -- I remember being so thrilled at hitting my
all time low" in 13 years in 2008. Now, I am trying to do the same -- so, one more less pound than 2008 (which was 131lbs for about 2 minutes) -- and I'll be there.

Only one pound off -- but a loss! So, I am going to be more devoted to the diet -- I may SS some days and not on others. I am going to be certain that I drink my water, and I went to the gym today. I only did the treadmill and 2 ab machines (tummy toning). However, I am going to try the pilates class tomorrow at 9.

I stopped by the travel office and may be booking a cruise for June. We'll see what the info is and availabilty tomorrow.

That is so awesome, AI! I love it when I hit "targets" -- you are on your way to being fit and fierce!

Well I did my second weigh in this morning and I did a big 'ol facepalm. I'm not sure what my problem is but I've been feeling terrible the last few days and I've been retaining water like no ones business. When I weighed myself Sunday AM I retained 8 lb of water. At least I'm down 4 lb, but I'm still up 4 lb week over week. I can't even be sure if its TOTM since I recently stopped my birth control and I have no idea when I'm going to get it again.

Its just so frustrating to try so hard and see gains - even if it is just water, its still a scale moving up..
Thanks MinnieMel :) it feels good to be making progress again.

Aseyan - are you taking body measurements as well as getting weighed. A 4 lb fluctuation in weight with water is easy. I am sure it will all disappear soon. the important thing is not to let it get you down and carry on sticking to the diet and then sooner or later it will bring a big smile to your face!

Have done my trip to the recycling, put petrol in my car, had my lunch time soup and am now having a bit of a relax before going to meet a friend before I start work.
:) Feeling good!
To be honest, I haven't been doing the measurements. I guess I didnt really feel it would be all that useful when I started. Maybe I'll take them today and keep track as I go. Should I just do bust, waist hips or getting into thighs, arms calves etc?
doh! errr now I have to confess to giving advice I didn't take ...lol just like you I thought I wouldn't bother with measurements!
However, I think waist, hips and thigh would be good ones. I wish I HAD done mine from the beginning as it would have been nice to know how much has vanished!
Hey Ase,

The ticker has added the waist, so do that one at least. Stopping the pill has probably messed up your hormones a bit. I'm sure it'll right itself, soon. Alcohol dehydrates, so make sure you drink your water and even a bit more and flush your system after the weekend.

I hope you have a good day -- must be fairly early where you are.

Good afternoon to all

Hope that CD going well. Lovely to hear about all the achievements/milestones that you are making alexice, sometimes they all arrive at once, which is very exciting. I think my achievement this week was to get below a BMI of 30, which puts me into the overweight category. Haven't checked this out properly but this is what my consultant told me.
I discovered today that there was a mistake in my monthly payslip, I queried it and found that I had been underpaid for 4 months. So the money owed will be in my account tommorow, its enough to pay for 2 weeks in Florida and daily pocket money, yippee!
I will give some of it to the friend arranging the holiday, as we don't wany QVC to take a share, ha ha!
Mind you, why didn't I notice sooner? need to get better at dealing with personal finances.

Catch up later x
afternoon all

MM thanks, that pic of kids is one of my favs, was taken last year in zante

still not feeling 100% but bit better than i was earlier, did manage to go to the loo before i went to work and im gonna try another tea soon when i have my bar so hopefully will feel better later

kept getting called saggy a*!e at work cos my jeans are so loose ;)
need to root out some of my smaller ones i reckon
Hi Mandy -- Glad your a bit better. Did out those jeans -- you do look slimmer when your clothes fit. And you've worked hard for the aggy a*se!

BB -- LOL on the keeping the fund from QVC. Maybe your being underpaid just long enough to afford your holiday was God's way of helping you to save for it! I wish I was going with you -- these gray days really get to me.
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