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Tried a New Class


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Well - I went along to a new class tonight to see if the support would be better than the one I rejoined a few weeks ago....

There was no indication from the outside of the building that there was a meeting taking place and no lights on, however I could just make out someone sitting at a table through a window so went in anyway. There were about 10 people already sitting in a semi circle all facing the weigh in point and payment table - no queue so i had to walk past everyone to the front (and they were all silent!). As I signed in the woman said very loudly 'oh you are a target member so everyone could hear. I then walked across to the weigh in bit and she shouted across, 'you don't fancy a job do you we have been hanging on by a thread for months!'. I decided there and then not to stay, there seemed to be no leader present.

I will just weigh in at home on my own scales, on a Thursday morning as I was doing before trying to rejoin a class.
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Oh dear! Yeah Im just weighing myself at home every week and relying on the support on here! xxx
yeap me too....Ive had it with the classes..I only see them as a money making spinner..and the leaders I have had a so fake. They dont really care, and havent had good training.

So trying my best to do it alone..but thankfully I have found you all here!!

L x


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I think I have been quite lucky cus my leader is great and if I go through a spell of not doing so well she will send a motivational card to me at home which I think is a really nice gesture


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Sorry to hear that, my leader is fantastic but it sounds like there are a lot of bad ones out there!


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My leader is ace! She texts me randomly or emails and if I'm nearing an award she'll text and give me encouragement. I love her!

I think it's so unfair that everyone can't have the same quality of leader. It really does help with the journey, IMO. Thank goodness you can get your support from these boards!


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i find the consultant who's taking my class at the moment a bit fake. she's really nicey nicey and a little irritating if i'm honest! she cheers dileriously if someone loses half a pound!!! i'd be miffed and want help from her if i'd only lost half a pound!

we had the area manager for a while - who i first met about 10 years ago and she's brilliant. really down to earth and she's on your back (in a good way) if she feels you're struggling.

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