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Trouble getting your head around 'normal' food?


I've been doing SW since September last year but I'm still having trouble to not see it as a diet, even though you can eat everything (in moderation!).

Yesterday I wanted to eat something and couldn't and the thought I had was "At least when I get to target I'll be able to eat normally again..."

I don't know how I can get my head around that eating this way is 'normal' (or should be).

I know the syns are for treats and the odd blowout won't do too much damage. I'm just disappointed in myself that I'm still seeing this as a diet rather than normal healthy eating. :(

How are you all doing?
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I'm afraid you can never eat "normally" again, SW is normally.
I think, by normally, we mean how we used to eat and unless we want the weight to go back on again it's not going to happen.

I've been at target for 2 years this summer and SW is how I eat all the time.
I have a few more sweets and treats and have the odd complete day off but my meals are always SW and my days are still planned as red/green/EE. I still weigh and measure cheese and cereal and eat small bread. For me, this is normal and always will be so.

It's hard work and takes some getting used to but it does happen eventually!
I've been doing SW for over a year now. When I go on holiday or for a weekend away I usually relax and go off plan a bit. However, when I get home it's always a relief to be back to eating SW again. My tummy always feels better eating 'normal' SW food again. So I can see that SW is a good plan to follow when I've reached target. However, I do worry that it's all too easy to become complacent once you are at target and bad habits can creep back very gradually. I find it easy to follow SW at home as it's part of my routine, but eating away from home is always such hard work as everywhere you go the majority of the food that is available is completely off plan. When I reach target I intend to carry on going to weigh ins so that hopefully that will keep me on track.
last year when i went to cornwall i went off diet for 2 weeks and could not wait to get back to eating 'normally' again. I see it as eating normally now and feel so much better for it
MMM methinks me been brainwashed lol


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i love being on plan, and can see myself being on plan forever....agreed when i went on holiday recently, i was watching what i ate, and thinking i can have that cake - but i should pop to the gym or go for a walk later to compensate.

I think this is a way of life - its a great eating plan and ive never been this enthusiatic about a plan before....i cant wait to be slimmer (although i am going to have to...) and i know i am going to do it!

SW is the new 'normal' for me, so my old 'normal' can get lost.....that was pigging out and overindulging and leading a horridly unhealthy lifestyle, not normal eating and keeping healthy.



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thats the thing, when you think about going off plan or going back to 'normal' try and change it, consciously.

Rather than think 'i am going to stop the diet for one night and eat normally' , think 'i am going to stop eating well for one night and eat badly like i used to'. you'll still be going off plan, but it will make it more of a conscious thing about how good this way of eating is!
Agree totally with what others have said. To me, SW is how I 'normally' eat. If I go on holiday (eg when I go home to the States) then I have a blowout for 2 weeks usually - although even then I still don't eat anywhere near like I used to when I would go home. Like Teresa said, I always look forward to coming back and getting back to my normal way of eating - eg fruit and veg!

I think for me it's just become my natural way of eating. Like Jaylou, I've been doing SW (though not at target like she is) for over 2 years so it's just become a way of life now. I can't imagine not eating like this.

For me, I don't feel deprived and the main reason why it works for me is that I AM NOT ON A DIET! Sure I have the odd day or two here and there (usually star week!) when I feel like a bit deprived or when I get sick of thinking about eating healthy and just want to enjoy the damn muffin at Starbucks but for the most part, I don't feel deprived because I use my syns on whatever 'treats' I want or whatever I'm craving at that time.

I also make sure I eat food that I enjoy and don't eat things that are 'diet' food just because I feel like I should! Tonight, for example, I had a massive homemade chicken dhansak with vegetable pilau rice and a dollop of lime pickle. That's my takeaway craving taken care of!

Stick with it. You've been on it for 7 months and it will come more and more naturally the longer you do it.
I've been eating SW for so long now that I can't remember how I used to eat before!So I guess that this is normal eating for me now, I love all my food and like Stacey says I don't eat anything I don't like just because I tink it's diety.
I did SW a couple of years ago and lost 2 stone. I thought at the time I would do it for life but gradually the weight went back on when I started to eat too many syns. I'm back doing SW again and this time I'm trying to work out where I went wrong last time. One of the main things I did was deprive myself of treats. All my syns went on mayo, sauces, alpen lights, ryvita minis etc. I never ate chocolate or cakes or biscuits ever! for a year! I thought I was so disciplined but eventually it had to come to an end and I pigged out big style! on you guessed it chocolate, cakes, biscuits, crisps! This time round I'm trying to incorporate a few proper treats.

It's true what everyone says, SW needs to be your 'normal' way of eating, so make sure it's something you can stick to by incorporating some of the things you love into it. That's what I'm trying to do this time, although it's early days yet so fingers crossed.

It's eating out that did it for me! I first reached target over a year ago, but 'lost' it within a few months, mainly because of meals away from home, which we find SO difficult. Hubby has managed (just) to stay within target all the time, but I've really struggled, to the point where it was making us both miserable a lot of the time!

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE slimming world, and thoroughly enjoy all our meals whilst at home. But now we are retired, we both love doing things on the spur of the moment - it's a lovely day, let's visit so-and-so. We belong to the NT, RSPB, EH and WWT, NONE of whom do much in the way of Slimming World friendly meals! It is such a chore to always take our food with us!

So now we have decided to compromise. I've just raised my target a little bit to something I feel I can sustain, we'll ALWAYS take some food with us when we go out, even if it's just for 'snacks', and we'll continue to go to meetings to get weighed most weeks!

Good Luck to everyone of you out there who is still struggling!
I think SW is a lot more normal way to eat than how I used to eat before. Before SW when other people said they wouldn't have something because of weight/health issues I thought they were silly....one wouldn't hurt etc etc and I would have one(or more regardless!!) which is why I ended up obese! :sigh:
Now though I love the fact that I feel I can make that choice and generally see the rewards for it!
I was away near the sea Fri to Sat and when I arrived I could smell the waft of fish and chips by the sea...something I would always have....and I thought about it...for a moment...but then chose not to! Something I couldn't have done before! I had crabsticks instead! Much healthier!
I also resisted the icecream hubby had etc etc but did have a few drinks etc but I have the choice and understand the choices more. I am so far away from target who knows what I will do then but at the moment I can only imagine eating SW! :)
So what was the food you wanted to eat but couldn't and why do you think you can when you're at target?

If you start to eat what you call normal, which I assume is pre SW days you'll not keep to target.

I've never felt deprived on SW I always have my treats, eg last night I had 47 syns on wine & chocs, I don't feel like I've blown it or gone of plan. That's because until WI I'll adjust my syns.

You need to remember this is a way of eating for life & you need to find SW food which will fit in with you.

Why don't you tell us what you like to eat & we will try & come up with a SW friendly version or search the diaries for ideas.

Good luck you can do it, if you want to:)

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