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Trouble mixing the soups!

Water then powder. You can also buy a battery hand held mixer for at work. I am at home and use a hand blender. 200ml hot water then 50ml cold water then add powder and whisk :)


Been liberated by Exante!
Sorry posted my reply to this on the wrong thread! I posted on the bars v soups threads. Getting used to using the site.
I make the soups super quickly and with no problems by:

1) put powder in a smallish saucepan
2) boil kettle
3) pour in water whilst stirring quickly with a wooden spoon
4) turn on heat
5) keep stirring and pushing any lumps against side of pain
6) bring to boil
7) turn off heat and put through a seive into a mug or bowl

Voila! Perfect every time :)
Thanks Divster for the tip on the battery operated whisk.
BuxomBarrister you made me laugh with your 'super quick' instructions - I think I need to find a better way, lol!
Having had a 'kitchen disaster' last week trying to turn my chocolate shake into hot chocolate, I knew not to add boiling water to my blender bottle! Today I experimented with about 100ml cold water & the soup powder, shake until smooth & pour into mug, then top up with hot water from the kettle. It's still a bit of a faff but getting better!
Thanks everyone x
When I used to have the soups i would just put 250ml hot water into a mixing jug, put in the powder and then give it a good whisk with a balloon whisk, never had lumps in mine.
I've got difficulties with this one too, I will try all the above advices.. hope It won't take 5 packs of soup to get one right.. It's a bit ridiculous, I am quite a good cook, I can make quite a few complicated recipes, but I can't mix a powder with water?! :mad: Frustrating...
I put the powder in a large mug add a small amount of hot water and mix to a paste then gradually add the remaining water whilst mixing all the time.
Hi, thanks, by mixing it to a paste works a lot better. Is not 100% lump-free but is waaaaaaay better than before.

So, notice to beginners: adding all the 200 ml hot water on top of the powder and using "manual" methods like whisk or spoon will end up in a yucky collection of lumps with a powder-center undissolved...
I have found microwaving the mixed soup causes it to boil over. This is supposed to be easy, I don't want to use whisk & bowls & saucepans & microwaves!
I've now settled on blender bottle + 50ml water, shake it up, into a mug & top with boiling water. Stir & drink.

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