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I'm somewhat of a lost soul when it comes to dieting, I have tried every diet but I never last very long on them, I tend to binge eat when I'm feeling, well anything really.
I've always had issues with my weight, I've never been a normal size and I'm now topping 22stone and know I need to do something, I just don't know what to do any more and don't feel very hopeful of ever losing enough weight to be happy.
Has anyone ever been in a similar position and successfully lost weight? what diet did you do?
I'm thinking about doing a shake only diet but they are all pretty expensive.
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Hi there, I too have had trouble in finding the right diet.

The thing is, everyone is different and it's difficult finding a diet that doesn't just suit what you like to eat, but also how you live.

I know loads of friends who've had varying successes with all kinds of diets. Personally, I never had much joy with the shake only diets as I craved real foods.

I like food, but I shouldn't suffer for that. Once I found Slimming World, I found something that wasn't a diet but more a lifestyle change.

It works for me as I can eat large portions of lots of foods, and as long as I stick to the basic principles I can lose weight.

It doesn't feel like a chore, more a discipline. The longer I've done it the easier its become too to stay "on plan"

That's what works for me, I really hope you find what works for you! :)


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And u could try weight watchers too , u can still eat whatever u want just watch ur portions but u need to go to a meeting , great for motivating u and keep u on track and ur leader will give u loads of advice and there will be plenty of other people there in th same boat .
It's worth a try.
I don't like the shake only diet things either as I like my food :) and if u fall off the wagon on them diets yer fecked at least with ww or sw u can make mistakes and still jump back on the diet .
Hope u find one that suits u and best of luck with it x

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There are plenty of great diets to follow on the forum and lots of great support to help you stay on track if you are short of willpower :)

Just remember though that adding even 15 minutes of exercise a day on top of your diet will also help lots!

I wish you all the best on your weight loss journey! xx


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I've spent all day on here and thinking about different diets and why I failed them and spoken to my husband and made a few decisions.
I'm going to go with a vlcd, probably cambridge diet because I like the shakes which is important to me because I can't force myself to drink/eat things I don't like.
I'm going to get a notepad and start journalling things instead of bottling them up.
I know only I can lose the weight and I know I just have to stick to a diet. If I can keep telling myself its only for a few months then maybe I can get through it.
I do have a gym membership so will be doing swimming and light toning to try and help with excess skin.
Thank you for being so lovely and offering such great advice


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Good luck with your first day, I'm not seeing my cdc until Tuesday so I have a few more days of empting my cupboards :D


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Good luck with CD Bumbling :)