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**Trouncing the fat Tuesday - Hour by Hour***


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Morning people!

How are you this (what looks to be another) beautiful day?

Hope you are all well and are rested after a good nights sleep.

I am just having a shake pre going to uni. I'm definitely in uni today, not like yesterday when I ended up going in on my day off and wondering why no-one was about! Never mind, popped on bus and went to help mum with her garden.

Half day at uni as have to leave early (have another appointment), but might not see you til later

Have a great day whichever plan you are on. Stick to 100% and we'll trounce that fat!
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Good Morning Lexie and everyone that follows!

Another glorious day here today :D Kids have school/nursery, so I will pop into Ipswich this morning. Need to get a little something for my CDC who had a baby girl on Sunday :) Will do some gardening this afternoon I think.

Hope you all have a great day! xx


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morning lexi and sarette

i am up and about but not really with it yet

i am off to pick up another weeks worth of shakes and swop my yucky soups. then i have an hour tattoo session this afternoon but appart from that i am job hunting again all day.

have a good 100% day ladies xx


Loving losing
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Hi all

Am gradually losing the pounds I put on over the last week and feeling a bit happier on that front - just 2 pounds on now so that will soon shift.

Totally stressed out this morning tho after major arguements with DS(teenage) yesterday evening. Would love to know what I have done wrong but he just won't speak...don't you just love 'em. Just as well we do actually as i could quite easily pack my bags this morning. Just as well i have work to cheer me up and keep me on track or I would be like a beached whale by the end of the day!

Right must dash...it's English GCSE today so need to get him to school early, then only 2 exams left, thank God.

Have a good day wherever you are and enjoy the sun if you can.



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Glad this thread is on early, good morning lovely people!
Back to work today after monday hol. I work in a school, its inservice today so no kids. I'm pupil support and these days are usually more teacher orientated so tend to be incredibly boring for support staff. At least is makes it a nice short week with the kids!
Hoping everyone has a great day


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S: 19st4lb C: 19st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 44.3 Loss: 0st4lb(1.48%)
Morning Lexie. Poor you going into Uni yesterday, are your hormones still all over the place? At least you got to spend a nice day with your Mum :) And Sarette, how sweet of you to buy CDC a present.

Glorious day here but I've got to wait in this morning for the man from Virgin to fix our cable..... grrrrrr :mad: Then its off to drop Imogen off at Nursery at dinner time, a quick trip to look at wedding cakes and tonight I'm off to see the new Star Trek film with my dad. Bless him, he really wanted to go but my mum REALLY doesn't want to!

Weigh in tomorrow and the scales haven't shifted huge amounts, so not very happy. Need to get back on track with my water. Todays mini goal- drink more water and don't be tempted to nibble on anything at the cake shop ;)
Good morning everyone....

I had my first real huge craving slast night, but stayed strong... not sure where they came from!
Am off to get a barage of blood tests done this morning following my funny health scare last week....
Then I am going to the dump! (such an exciting life) to get rid of an old cardboard.... bin men don't take cardboard!!
Then am going to price up some gravek for one side of the garden,,,
Not sure If I will get much done.. More window shopping I think!



S: 15st12.5lb C: 15st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 35.3 Loss: 0st3.5lb(1.57%)
I've been getting real craving for vinegar for weeks now funnily enough. Nothing sweet just either nippy of soup stuff, like mustard of vinegar. :confused:


Skinny girl in a fat body
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Good morning everyone. Its my weigh in too tomorrow night and my scales haven't moved a lot. Like I've said in the past, I'm not a scale hopper but I am pressuring myself too much at the minute to lose before my hols. I am starting to go on the scales every day - and I am not liking it :). Last night I had a mousse AND a bar so I am a bag of nerves for tomorrow. Gonna get 3 ltrs down to today which shouldn't be too difficult coz it's quite hot today. Have a good day everyone.


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Morning girls,
just finishing up my porridge. Scales are not shifting much for me this week either. thinking of going up a plan for a week to see if it will help. anyway, been craving many things and dont want that to lead to binge so ss+-ing might help me out. will talk to my cdc tomorrow.

Kids have a day off school so im not working but must get some shopping in for them.

Sun is still shining here and it IS GOLRIOUS. will spend it in the garden, plant some flower boxes.

Jess, if you see this hun, hope your feeling a bit more cheery today. dont worry, you will sort out those negatives and things will be fine. Goal is just around the corner. Kd's advice was really great wasnt it?(sorry I had a peek)(((((hugs))))

Have a great day all and good luck to anyone with WI today!


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Tried drinking tons of water yesterday in the hope it would start to shift some weight, but I have lost nothing over the last week, so back to drinking water today and see what happens at WI tomorrow, I have an awful feeling I am going to STS... although it is TOTM I normally manage to lose 5lb that week, but obviously not this time..... grrrrr


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Hi all, I'm getting really hungry for some reason, think I need to make a porridge now, I don't usually have anything this early but the hunger is strong so I'm gonna have to cave. I'm now using the Psyllium husks in a shake to make a porridge and it's lovely and filling too so that should help me. I've been neglecting the water a bit so I'm gonna have to get loads down today, haven't even started yet though today, how bad is that?? Right, litre of water and porridge coming up :)


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Hi everyone!

HB off today so this is the first time I've managed to get on! Overcast here, been out for a walk but was glad of my jumper.

Lexie- Is it Glasgow Uni you go to? I went to Strathclyde but we had practical Anatomy of head and neck at Glasgow with Prof Payne-his name still cracks me up!

Got family coming tonight for tea, wish the weather was a bit more 'salady' but thats what they're getting anyways!


Going for Goal!
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Good afternoon everyone!!! :D

I have been completely rubbish at posting on the daily thread recently. I'm getting too interested in threads that seem to be relevant to me! :rolleyes:

Lexi - I hope you had a lovely day at Uni, and there were people there with you today! LOL - it sounds just like something I would do :eek: he he !

Sarette - I believe gardening is an excellent fat burner, so enjoy it and I'm sure you'll feel great afterwards and especially on you WI ;)

Kerryberry - LOL @ yucky soups :jelous: I also don't like ANY of the soups, tried them all and they make me gag. Best of luck with your job hunting too, I'm also looking to get more hours, so I know how hard and frustrating job hunting is - I feel for you hunnie x x

Ibizamad - Awww hunnie, don't be down about row with DS. When puberty strikes, and his mouth sets off again :copon: He aint too old for a light slap and to be reminded he shouldn't be disrespecting his elders. I hope it gets resolved soon angel x x x

Mollydog - I love inservice days!!! I work in a school too. We have a right laugh. I hope there isn't an evil buffett for lunch staring you in the face. :)

lisalulu - Good luck with your WI, you are doing so well, if your losses aren't great maybe you should try measuring, you're loosing fat from somewhere doll! :p

tilly - Well done for staying strong and beating the cravings. It's awful when that happens, at times I physically shake with it, it's awful. You're a real diamond for fighting the demons hunnie - WELL DONE! :D

Mia - It may be worth getting those scales and throwing them out of the window (or in the loft for now) You are going to make yourself really down hunnie. Have you been doing your measurements? Maybe you should start measuring at home rather than weighing? At least that way you will feel as though you are watching your progress somehow. ;)

Wellandgood - You are right to see your CDC about moving up plans. Doing ss+ for a week could boost your motabolism and get things moving again :)

Greeneyes - Don't be down hunnie, you have done so well and I'm sure you look amazing. Keep your chin up x x x


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cheers emma

job hunting sucks but the sun is helping loads i am lucky that the last bit of my student loan is keeping me ticking over.

good luck on your hunt too
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I'm new and it's only day 2. My tummy is gurgly and hungry! But as it's only day 2 I'm very motivated still. Can't wait til Weds/Thurs when I get extra energy back.
I've been really good with my water- only down side will be can I do shool run and back without having a wee?!
I hope you're all doing well- some of you have done so well and are such an inspiration.
S: 12st13lb C: 12st0lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 30.7 Loss: 0st13lb(7.18%)
Im completely off the wagon at the moment.. not having a good time of it at all. Im restarting tomorrow.. 100% again.. may even keep a diary to keep motivated. Just please keep on at it all. Binging and cheating is not worth it :(


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cowboy keep going you doing really well it is hard but it gets better really it does.

crazy i keep a blog and that really helps me and well done for going 100% again


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well that was a day of spectacular disappointment.

Failed my driving test.

To the couch for some moping.


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Aaww sorry Lexie.

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