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Trousers are now looser!


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Well done :)

Its funny what can motivate us other than the scales...trying not to be obsessed with the weighing as well ;)...I have a pair of jeans that I would love to get into....not there yet but I know it will feel great when I am.
well done! :)
So now your fav trousers not so favourite!! Keep them and put them on in six months!!!!
well done its such a fab feeling i actually have a trousers i cant button in my wordrobe that im going to try on every now and then i already think its a bit closer to closing but i cant wait for the day i just button it up. u no what else is a great ego boost notches on belts. such a small thing but its actually fab when it moves to the next one lol
I must start doing proper measurements with a tape. Did that last time and kept a log, that was a good incentive as I saw the inches go. Maybe better to measure in cm so the numbers go more quickly ;-)


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Lol cm a good idea:)

I dont measure up regularly but do track occasionally. Evrytime i have a sts i measure and of course i've lost inches fromlast time. Keeps me motivated!


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I have about 3 different sizes in my wardrobe and probably another 3 sizes stored in my 'never never' boxes under the bed!! Maybe one day I'll be able to try things on and realise that either:

a) they are now too loose
b) they are covered in moth holes
c) they are sooo out of date that they look ridiculous!!

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