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True or false that you put on weight when you are menstruating?


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Personally it makes no difference to me. I never crave more food/drinks when on star week nor do I blame a gain on star week. Everyone is different though. Some peoples bodies react differently during this time of the month.
When my time is coming I just make sure I have plenty of syn free and low syn snacks in to be on the safe side.


Thanks for that! Got my first weigh in tomorrow and am scared it will make a difference. Been 100% good all week though...so i'm hoping not!


TOTM can cause the scales to weigh a little heavier not due to actual weight gain but due to water retention. I typicaly weigh about 2lbs heavier for a couple of days before I am due. x


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but lets put that into perspective, that's 2lbs that you'd automatically lose for next week though.. so in theory you should have great losses the week after?
that's also only 2lbs that you haven't lost that week.. if you lose 3 then that's still a net loss of 1lb...
it CAN be done as 4 ladies in our group were on * week and ALL of them had losses, one lost 4lbs...


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TOTM can cause the scales to weigh a little heavier not due to actual weight gain but due to water retention. I typicaly weigh about 2lbs heavier for a couple of days before I am due. x

Wow your before & after photo is amazing hun. You look stunning :D

I always find peppermint tea really helpful when I feel bloated, whether it be from star week or just food in general lol xxx


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Lol well done on your loss!
When I started sw I never noticed an effect of monthlys but now there is one week every month that I often sts or lose half a lb or if haven't been 100% seem more likely to gain but its not the week I actually menstruate its 2 weeks before normally. I try and plan round that if I can and if stick to plan it does usually show in a better loss the week after. So I'd say see how it goes for you but as you say it doesn't matter this week. :)


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My weight used to fluctuate by about 5lb just before and during * week. I have actually discussed this with my GP as I have a health condition anyway and he says up to half a stone is not unheard of, but he told me never to confuse 'normal' with normal. That is to say, just because a lot of women experience it, doesn't mean they should. Putting on three stone during pregnancy is 'normal', but not normal. He did say it's easy for him to say that :p

Some of the extra is down to the body holding onto water, some of it is down to hormones, (our bodies still think they need to hold on to weight to survive), and some due to bloating as you and your gut are both less active during * week. The good news is these types of weight come off the next week. BUT some of it can be down to the old PMS-calories-don't-count excuse. Seriously, I know a girl who'll eat a family sized bar of dairy milk then moan that she's not lost weight that week. And I know that I get hungrier during that week, but it's all a matter of managing your cravings.

So, you can reduce this by trying to cut your salt intake, avoiding alcohol, exercising more and drinking lots and lots of water. It sounds mad, drinking water to lose water, but that's the way it goes!

But, all you lovely ladies out there, if you are doing all of this and still gaining a lot over * week then SEE YOUR GP! As it could be something more sinister. As mine discovered that I actually have a pretty bad hormonal disorder that is apparently responsible for some of my weight (personally I blame the wine and snacks, but meh) and a lot of random, seemingly unrelated, symptoms I have been trying to live with for years. And we still don't know for sure whether it has left me infertile, but it's not looking great. He also says, incidentally, that very severe menstrual cramps fit into the 'normal' but not normal category, if your pain is that bad that you feel physically sick or you can't control it with over the counter meds then it really isn't normal and should be checked out. When I saw my current doc for the first time he asked me why I'd not seen a GP about it before. When I said I had, he asked, well, did you ask for a second opinion from a female GP? I said that she was the one who'd told me off for wasting her time and not 'just getting on with it'. So much for sisterhood, eh?

So yeah, it can be an excuse, but it can be for real. If it affects you, do what you can to sort it out, if it doesn't, be grateful and don't speculate too much on what is happening with other people :)


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I go up every month around 4-5lbs, but I know it will be off the next week, so ive just got to swallow it that i will definitely gain 1 week of the month but thats just due to * week xx


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I must be a little strange, my losses are actually better the week leading up to mine!


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it never affected my weight loss since i started dieting in june,,then last week out of nowhere i put up 1lb during *time,,i dont know whats different this time round.:(


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Everyone's bodies are different, so just because one person retains water doesn't mean everyone will. Our bodies also change as we get older, so there really is no hard and fast rule.

All too often in class I've seen people write off a bad week as 'star week' even though they've eaten junk and not stuck to plan. Sadly, that's not how it goes, it's only the possible temporary water retention that people might gain!


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As a WW leader I saw a lot of women stay the same or gain on * week. But it was different for everyone!

I have to say, I'm so glad I don't get *'s - good old mirena!!!


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hi, i'm a bit eratic, i have a problem, which means i can go months without monthlies, but, i can still bloat and can gain about 5lbs, its annoying, but, i'm learning to live with it;)

sweet pink

is losing for shoes
I always feel hungrier the week before * is due so I think its more a case of me staying in control of my cravings. So far I have always lost over * week but my losses are normally slightly less followed by a better loss the following week.


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I have to say, I'm so glad I don't get *'s - good old mirena!!!

the question was asked in our group thursday, by some of our older ladies, if it was possible for them to still have gains / small losses once a month despite not having * weeks anymore..
the answer was yes..
you may not have all the "symptoms" of * week but your hormones are still cycling every month albeit at a lower level so water retention is still a possibility though not a certainty..


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I dont care no more....i lost 5lbs!!! Yaaaahoooooo!!!!!! :)

Well done to your loss, thats excellent! Your hard work paid off, good for you.

Its my second weigh in this wednesday evening and my * week, not exactly looking forward to it if im honest. I have been good, but atm i feel just horrid and i really hope i dont gain on my second week.. heres hoping i dont.



I found at the beginning when I had loads to lose I still lost, then started to stay the same and now I have less to lose tend to gain, usually just 1lb though and its off the next week plus a bit extra.