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Trying Again

Hi all,

I did Lipotrim in early March for three weeks and managed to lose 17lb. I made the mistake of thinking i could "come off for easter" and then get back on and have found it so hard its unreal.

I have been getting up every day with the intention "today is the day i start again". By tea time i just seem to cave in.

Im so angry i came off it, i was managing the shakes and only came off really for social reasons not because i was struggling (stupid i know).

Just wondered if anybody has any advice for me to get back into it. Ultimately i know its down to me and my motivation but soooo hard 2nd time round.


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2nd time round for me to chick... and ive managed ok this time! week 6 now! oh time flys! i was like you though i came on it in jan this year it all spiralled out of control and i was telling myself .... tommorow is the day, get back on it and get shaking! but tommorow never came and it was easier said than done... and it took me all the way up untill april 12th to finally give myself a kick up the **** and get back on it 'now or never sort of thing' so thats what i did and im still going ... i feel for you struggling to get back on as it is so hard but there will always be a reason for not being able to do it, so all i can say is think slim! and get into your mind just how much this means to you and how much you really want it and hopefully that will be a kick start and you will be back shaking away befor you know it! i wish you the best of luck mandie xxx


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oh also... is it tea time that your caving in because you are cooking for others? and its tempting to have some yourself? tea time is the worst time of day for me,so when i cook tea for my other half and little lad i have a pint of water and drink it as im cooking when its gone i just have another and keep sipping till the tea is cooked sounds silly i know but it fills me up and stops me wanting to eat, then when they go and eat there tea i stay in the kitchen and wash the pots lol, i know thats not much help but just thought id share it with you :) x

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