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  1. Cahrlierogers

    Cahrlierogers Full Member

    i went into a store today matalan love it i tried of two dresses i felt really good in one and the other one was to to tight but there the same size same brand and its so annoying. many dresses are to short imagine they would be too short even at my target weight i love clothes but they dont love me
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  3. size12wannabe

    size12wannabe Member

    I know what you mean-in alot I'm a size 20, others a size 18 and then some a size 16! I don't really have a clue what size I am.
  4. Jampotlefey

    Jampotlefey Member

    I hate clothes shopping nothing fits me properly. I normal come back without anything and puffy eyes from crying loads
  5. Cahrlierogers

    Cahrlierogers Full Member

    Oh no hun I would love to know y I dont just kick my arse in gear and i just wish I could wait by just wishing it.

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  6. I love trying on clothes, even if some can still seem a little tight. I enjoy it because I know I will lose more weight and get to buy more!
  7. Escapade

    Escapade Full Member

    I found when I lost all the weight before, at 9 stone, in some shops I was still a size 14! But I tried to not get hung up over the size, just how it fitted and looked on me. I went from hating shopping, to loving it because instead of looking for things that stretched or would hide my fat belly, I could go for clothes I actually liked. Im back to hating shopping again lol, I live in leggings and baggy long tops, so no ideal how big I really am in clothes sizes, but I would guess at a size 20... :(

    I did find some dresses seem longer on me when I lose weight, esp the stretchy ones, I think its because my body will pull them outwards but when they weren't being stretched, they just hung down further, also when I was slim, I didn't mind so much that the clothes were shorter, because I felt more confident.
  8. Suedefan

    Suedefan Full Member

    Hi all, I live in a very isolated place and dread having to go to civilisation. I have one pair of jeans that fit me comfortably, they were last years working jeans and are all stained at the bottom from using the grass trimmer. Clothes here are so expensive and I need to drive to Tallinn to get any choice. I recently had a way overdue weekend in London. I was quite gutted when I was looking at coats in Camden Market and the guy said to me "they come in large sizes too". Do these people really think that a comment like that will sell anything. You mention my weight and I am out of the shop, he made me feel like a beached whale.

    A big part of my problem is - I have breast, I have always had them, they do not disappear when I loose weight. So, unless I feel confident enough to wear something figure hugging, I look 10 times bigger than I am. So I'm gonna loose this weight (and not have any more babies and pile it on again), be able to wear something fitted, but not kid myself that I will easily get a dress from a shop that fits my boobs in and does not look like a tent, unless I spend a fortune :)
  9. Healthydude01

    Healthydude01 Member

    You a to do your research. Find out what types of clothes would look better for your size and what designers make the type of clothes you are looking for.
  10. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    people can be so rude
    i went in a shop a few weeks ago and she said we do not sell big girl clothes in here i thought you cheeky sod i was buying something for my sister but did not bother worked out whay b******

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