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    Hi All,

    I've been struggling to lose weight for as long as I can remember, I used to be on this forum a while back but I forgot :( as I stopped dieting for a while.

    I've now got to get in shape and I remembered this site as I really enjoyed being part of it and it did help when chatting and talking to people.

    Thinking that as it's been a while, I would re-introduce myself.

    At the beginning of the week, I weighed 15.9st. I've been maintaining this figure for some time but I really need to try a shift some weight for a wedding in what was 2 weeks at the time.

    I have since weighed again (I know weight fluctuates all the time and it's better to weigh weekly, but I couldn't help it) and the reading has since said 15.1st. I don't follow a specific diet. I use my phone app to follow calories and try to keep to under 1400 calories a day. I also realise that the majority is probably water retention but I'm pretty happy with the way I'm going so far.

    The exorcise group I went to has been disbanded for 2 weeks for Easter, right at the time I could really need it most. I'm nearly the lightest I've been in a long time and feel better for it physically and mentally. I've now got a week to lose as much as I can. I fit in my bridesmaids dress but I just want it to feel more comfortable.

    Well that's my story so far, I'm interested in finding low calorie recipes so if anyone could recommend a thread to check out, that would be really great!

    Thanks for reading

    Sophie :)

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