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Trying to stop biting my nails!!

Apparently one way to stop a habbit is to start another, i.e. every time you want to bite your nails do something else, say pick up a pen & write.

Or you could wear those gloves which you put on top of hand cream, the overnight gloves.

I wouldn't recommend the nail bite lotion it's minging, I tried it for my daughter (she used to suck her thumb) & she threw up:rolleyes:


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I bought it and used it yesterday but when I ate apples etc it was horrible- so trying to do it on my own today lol

Thanks for the advice :)
I am trying to!...it is such a bad habit... I put on a miracle grower/strengthener on my nails and paint them because then I think...oooo they look pretty I don't want to bite them!


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I know this may sound a bit grosse but I am trying to stop picking my spots.
I got excema on my arms thro' being put on statins. Since stopping them this has subsided considerably but still occasionally have a few spots break out which itch immensely. After the itching dies down I am then left with the spots which aggravate me just because they are blemishes that I hate. I know it doesn't seem to make sense to keep taking the top off them as it's just prolonging the situation and keep trying to take my mind off them when I get the urge...These habits are soo hard to break, are they not?


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I just do it - no reason why, it was getting out of hand! I've gone a few days without eating them- bar one I munched it and forgot lol
lol...maybe I do it to stop eating but then I eat anyway. I hate doing it! Really bad habit but been trying to stop for years!! :( to no prevail!
LEB said:
I just do it - no reason why, it was getting out of hand! I've gone a few days without eating them- bar one I munched it and forgot lol
You have my sympathy! I have done this for years! I all of a sudden stopped doing this! How I did it was to always have a nail file with a sharpened end for picking them with rather than using my teeth as at least they could be shape not torn! What stopped my was me was my new job consisted of going through peoples manly suitcases all day! One you've seen the gross things people carry you don't want to by hands anywhere near your mouth!

One final solution might be sand! Put your hand in sand/soil/grit etc then wash them. When you chew your nails you'll have that horrid gritty sensation and you wont want to so it again!!
Bitter aloes from the chemist, tastes disgusting xx


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My I phone does that too lol well so far I'm going cold turkey- used that rotten stuff on nails once- it's horrible to eat fruit or anything to do with fingers lol


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My friend stopped biting her nails by going and having acrylic nails put on, they were tough so she couldn't physically nibble them and they looked so pretty she didn't want to. Its a pricey remedy and you have to think of the upkeep but it worked for her!

My ex husbands fiancee is always biting her nails - I keep telling her she'll get worms.
I'd agree with what Charley-Ellen said - make them look pretty and you won't want to bite them :D Though maybe not with the expensive acrylic nails!
Update - my nails are looking lovely :) kept them painted and they are growing beautifully :) totally words...might have to start putting that horrible stuff on now though...don't want to loose them after the growing! Xx

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