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** Trying to teach FRED Tuesday Daily Thread **

Morning everyone :D Today i am focusing on my binging habits and trying to combat them and i am using KDs famous FRED theory ... for those of you who dont know it have a look here - http://www.minimins.com/bring-your-...follow/145230-changing-habits-using-fred.html

it makes a lot of sense and i am going to use it to help me teach myself ( and Fred of course ) that binging is not the norm and not beneficial in any way !!

I had a wobble on 1000 again yesterday , but it lasted less time than normal and I am back on now for the long term :D

I am off to the Dr in an hour to have my contraceptive implant out :eek: I wish it was because we are going to have another bub .. but no its just coz I dont like the side effect it has on my libido ( and neither does my hubby !!!) so I am going back on the pill for a while and we have the apointment on friday to sign the paperwork for hubby to have the snip :( the right decision for us , we have 2 amazing girls and me and my youngest nearly died when I was pregnant last time so not worth risking another .. but still the snip is soooo final :( anyway .. so i having this implant out , not looking forward to that but looking forward to getting my sex drive back ( I hope !!!)

then its a day of housework for me ..... lots of ironing and about 3 huge boxes of clean clothes to sort and put away ( my most hated job !!)

Hope everyone has a fab day :)
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Good morning - what a good idea re Fred. Today I am teaching Fred that a successful WI isn't an opportunity for a sneaky cheat which is what I've always done in the past - Fred had better learn quickly lol.

Am feeling good and positive today as just had first WI and lost 8 and a quarter pounds - really pleased as I've done a mix of SS and SS+ and have managed to stick with it 99.99% (a teeny weeny tiny blip but shared with dog so minimised damage).

Feeling a bit challenged today as I'm going to work in a different area where I've not been for over a year (since OH got sick) so I'm trying not to think about it until I get there. Normally I'd be eating everything in sight, which of course didn't help anything and I'd just feel a failure as well as nervous! (Are you listening FRED?!)

Hope you all have a great day - sun is shining here which really helps:)


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good morning katie and minxie , good luck at the dr's , lm just back had a load of stuff to do this morning , going to pick my little hun up from playschool shortly have had a 100% week so far , good luck to all weighing in and everyone have a brilliant day :D:D:D:D


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Morning Katie,

Good day to you.

Thanks for the link to KD's Fred. I read though it -- and appreciate the information.

The snip is very permanent, but then it can also be liberating -- knowing that you do not have to worry about BC. And, I -- too - would have loved more children, but the two I have are sometimes so much to handle.

My mother used to look at her hands, hold them up and wave them around saying, God only gives you two hands... you should have no more children than you have hands!" Kind of made me feel sad at times, since I was child number three! ;)

I am addressing Fred by redoing Day 17's Beck Activity (End Overeating). I did this last night and found it very difficult. I am going to keep redoing it every chance I get, until it gets easier.

@Mixie and Sasha -- I am wishing you a good day, too.

yes mm I am looking forward to not having to take any form of hormonal BC as it all has some effect or other :D and i am very lucky to be here with my 2 amazing girlies and hubby is right when he says it would be risking too much to have another .. but still .. every week I watch 'one born every minute ' I feel very sad that I shall never be pregnant again or go through labour again .... or have a beautiful newborn again .... :eek:


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Morning - well afternoon all. Can't believe its nearly 1 o clock all ready - and i still haven't sorted out the 2 huge laundry bags full of clean clothes- also my most hated job.

The snip is so permanent - I nearly died with my last pregnancy and DH was due to have the snip a couple of weeks after the birth but they 'did' me instead when i had a c-section to get her out before it was too late for both of us. First thing he said to me when i came round was Can I cancel my appointment now - bless him. Its just as well they did me though because I would love another - almost so much to risk it again so better the option was taken away from me.

Had my weigh in this morning and knocked another 4 lbs on the head so very pleased with that. Its my adda meal week this week so sitting down to a lovely 810 lunch now - won't go into the details for those doing SS but needless to say I am enjoying it ;-). Am finally into the 11s - can't believe it. I think its going to take me a while to realise I am nearly a normal size and can buy clothes in regular shops and not just fat people shops.

Enjoy the rest of the day everyone
well done Setas , its a brilliant moment when you can finally shop anywhere you want and know that they have something to fit you .. i do still feel like I dont belong in those shops though ... I feel everyone is looking at me and thinking that they have nothing in there for me !!!

I am the same , at the time when I had LO and it all went so wrong I was totally in agreement with hubby that its not worth risking another .. but now .. I pretend that it wasnt that bad ....

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