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Tuesday 100% challenge!


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am in!
yesterday i just cudnt stop snacking, so today is going to be a good day!


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ok just saw the thread was 100% cambridge, am doing slim fast but still i can be good can't i!!
dont drink or eat too much before it angel as it will show you heavier then you are first thing in the morn :)

If you really are that bad hun have a piece of chicken breast to snack on too keep you going,


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Ooooh i'm in! Its my first ss day so HAVE to be good!


Wants to be slim!
Count me in - was naughty last night and had two mini babybels (TOTM!) so determined to be 100% good today.

Let's go girls :D
Whoop we can do it!


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Me too. Had my weigh in last night and came home and had two, yes two, bowls of cereal ! Couldn't help myself, it had been calling me from the kitchen cupboard all week. Need to get back on track, into ketosis and 100% so that I can hit my goal before the end of March. So near now but really worried about eating putting weight back on. Definately going to work through maintenance with my CDC and hopefully stay on track.
Count me in!!!! 1000000%

Will def need the distraction as im cooking for family tonight.

But i can come here and moan at you guys lol ;)


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Have a shake Madferret... not good to skip them! You may not be hungry but you need those nutrients honey. Get sipping!
I'm in - day 2
Just realised that I haven't had any shakes yet today - at 12:00..... OMG - not hungry or anything - that's scary !
Me neither Madferret.

I am fine till about 2 with coffee and water.

I struggle more in the evening, so if i dont feel like my shakes or soup early on i just hold off till im wanting them.:D HTH


Addicted to Minimins!
Well 2pm on day 1 and i'm still going.........just! lol Drinking water and peeing like theres no tomorrow!

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