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* TUESDAY * Hour by Hour


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Hello everyone

Theres no hourly thread today so I thought I'd start it.

Good luck to everyone with weigh ins and keep drinking the water!

While I'm on the subject is anyone else finding it near impossible to drink now its freezing?

What are your plans for the day. I'm sick so off school and curled up with a hot water bottle. I WILL do all my outstanding uni work and NOT waste the day looking at the clothes I will buy when I'm slim!

Have a great day everyone!
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Yes I really struggle with water when it's cold and the sudden drop in temperature up north means I am freezing all the time! It snowed last night! Only for 10 minutes but still!

Mrs V

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Wow Snow!!!!

I feel the cold a lot at the moment, but then I am still getting over my illness.
I went dancing last night and as it was my night off from teaching beginners Ceroc, I had a fantastic night and boogied for 3 hours!!! I hope this will repair some of the damage that I caused last weekend!

I don't find it that much more difficult to drink the water, but I am gasping for a milky coffee - which I don't normally have! Not even any of the subsitutes that we can have compare to the taste, which is why I don't drink tea and coffee :(
On a more positive note, Jessica my little girl was an angel last night and slept right the way through....have I just jinxed myself again??!

Work is slow at the moment and as everyone is a meeting, I can come on here and have a chat!!!


please try again
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morning all

sorry to hear you not well chika

so am i the only weirdo sat here with the fan on?


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Hi all,

I'm sat at work pretty much falling asleep don't know whats wrong with me. I got a new digital camera the other day so think i am gonna be brave later and post some pics of me at the moment plus my new fab shoes that i am now allowed to wear coz i got into my size 16 jean shorts. woohoo.
Hope everyone has a fab day roll on the weekend

Mrs V

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S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
Gemma..can't wait to see the pics and also some of your fab shoes???


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Morning guys,

SNOW........OMG!!.. I don't do snow! ;0)

It's just grey,wet and cold here, It is harder toget the water down when it's like this. I do drink alot hot, make hot summer berry or even just plain hot water...

Don't think I will be moving very far myself today as it 'orrible outside.

I have 2 clients to see and then a small amount of paperwork to do...and then chill!!!!!

Morning Tara, could you smell that bread yest....??

Hopeyou feel better soon Chika, keep in the warm today.

Good luck with any weighins today
Catch you later



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Hi Mrs V, glad you had a good nite with your daughter...makes so much difference if you can get a good nights sleep..

Will keep my beady eye on your posting today ! ;0)
morning troops, i too am freezy cold - sitting here wrapped in a MASSIVE shawl i demanded my mother knit for me when i moved to uni. It's like a mix between a poncho and a cousin It costume :)

My poor mama had a partial knee replacement yesterday, she's doing well but she said she's missing her kneecap aready and wonders if she'll get it back ;)

Other than that, i have a huge philosophy exam in about 3 hours and i'm literally messing myself, not glamorous i know but i'm a scientist - i dont even believe in religion or history without evidence! Bloody stupid cardiff uni.

RANT RANT RANT RANTY RANT - phew, feel much better now.

Cuddle up guys, i reckon we shud a get into one big smuggly warm bed with some tootsie warmers and a hot choc tetra and have a giggle. Anyone care to join me? xxx


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Hi Everyone,

I have been up from 7 and i've only had 1 litre of water and some of a choc tetra in my coffee. Staying in bed sounds good although if I was feeling cold it would mean that Ketosis is near and as i keep picking it isnt.
So hour by hour im trying not to pick.

Mrs V

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Hi Leah.

Good luck with the exam Hun!

I did A-Level Sociology and Psycology a coupple of years ago (I wanted to be a Child Psycologist). The exams were not really that difficult, but you did have to think!!! Just try not to go in as a bag of nerves!!!! Easier said then done I know!!!

Mrs V

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Hi NCE1,

I only take it an hour at a time too, as I feel the temptation is too great otherwise!!!

Thankfully at work it isn't too bad, although if someone else has another Birthday I will scream!!.....Poop it's mine on Sunday!! Lol!!
Mrs V, i'm not nervous. I just know i'm screwed and accepting my fate :D

Penblwydd hapus for sunday hunny!! xx
i thank you! here's what i'm learning:

®Scholasticism - belief all knowledge to know already known in books

®Particularism - reasons are context-dependent – circumstances alter.

®existentialism – man makes himself by choice of his morality, not ready made.

®Relativism – moral propositions are not universal/objective truths but relative to historical, cultural, social and personal circumstances.

®Consequentialism (contractualism) – form of rational egotism that holds that ultimately an outside agency (government/religious authority) has to control or impose a framework within which egotism can flourish without moral anarchy.

®Consequentialism (egoism) – moral imperative is to maximise his/her own interests/welfare

®Consequentialism (utilitarianism) – moral action are right if there are beneficial consequences. Must weight benefits against deficits of the action.

®Kantianism - Moral actions are right or obligatory, irrespective of consequences, while other actions are wrong, irrespective of their consequences

®induction - start with the details then work out the general theory/principles

®reduction - start with theory, work out the details

HOW FUN DOES THAT SOUND?!!! dont get too excited now guys xx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
Lol Leah!! You are funny!!!

You will be fine Hun!

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