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*****Tuesday Hour By Hour*****

morning hun, mine are on half term too, wonderful isnt it.lol

im cold this morning but saying that im still in my pjs maybe i should get dressed into something warmer.lol.

ive had 2 coffees and 2 pints of water so far.


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morning guys. i've just had coffee so far this morning, ha. will be working on the water later. i have to work until 11pm tonight so am biding my time with my shakes etc. don't start work until one so am hoping to get until then before having brekkie or i'll be starving by the end of my shift!!

abz xx
Hi girls, im on 3rd pint now but time for a tea soon, the water goes doiwn so much easier!

Thomas thw tank engine is driving me mad - wish stephen was watching anything but that!ARRGGH!


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hee. i used to love thomas the tank. is it the ringo ones or the weird new ones? haven't seen those.

well i'm still water free and need to get onto that. am meeting my mate for a coffee in an hour so i need to persuade the cat to get off my lap, go for a wee and get ready. then try and find change for the bus...

abz xx


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Morning lovelies,

Half a litre and choc orange bar down, need to get moving with the water.... had a day of picking yesterday, not good...:(

Little pickers wear bigger knickers!!!! lol

Mine are like parachutes so I'd better stop!

Sarah x
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Had porridge and coffee and only just started the water. But I drank 4 litres yesterday! Weigh in day tomorrow so going to go for 4 litres again today. I've run out of bars, so have to make do with a shake instead!
good luck at wi tomorrow frances.

ive just had a chicken and mush soup yum its made me feel warm for the 1st time all day.lol.
S: 15st3lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31 Loss: 2st10lb(17.84%)
Done a litre of water now. Having a tea. One of the best things I have achieved in 18 weeks of CD, apart from the weight loss obviously, is giving up sugar in my tea. Would never go back to that now.
Me neither Frances, I have a couple of tabs now instead, healthier and i can taste the tea and not sugar.

Im on 5th pint and just finishing off my first porrige of the day. Going for 10 pints today and tomorrow because i have a wi thursday.

Going to go and stalk my team now and see if anyone has been on yet!


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hello again chaps. well i'm at work a bit early as i ran out of things to do in town after my mate started work so thought i would do a bit of catching up on here :)

still haven't started the water and my kidneys are complaining after the three cups of coffee i've had this morning so i'm off to fill my litre water bottle... first one in a 10 hour shift... :(

abz xx
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hello folks - Im doing day one again.

Its been 3 hrs, but hey whos counting


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Afternoon all,

I had porridge for breakfast with my usual cup of tea with skim milk & a pint of water! Also am halfway through my 2nd pint of water at work and will have the butterscotch shake I have for lunch shortly.
Good luck duchess., you can do it hun.xx

Im on my 5th pint now.

Cooked a chicken for their tea done all the veg ready and just part boiling spuds for roasties, made yorkshire pud mix too. Made some coconut tarts hubbys faves and just pu a rice pudding in the oven for afters, lucky *******.lol.
That sounds lovely Susan, my gang are having apple and blueberry pie with a flaky top made by moi yesterday and ive got steak an mushroom pies cooking at the moment that ive just made - the cooking fever has totally gripped me!
S: 15st3lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31 Loss: 2st10lb(17.84%)
You have been busy, Susan and Sarah. It all sounds delish! Just had a chocolate mint shake. It's my favourite but it has made me feel cold! Will have a coffee soon to warm me up, but I usually have half a bar with it and I've none left today! :cry::cry: Must have used it up in the week!

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