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***Tuesday Hour by Hour***

Woke up before the alarm and managed to get some work done yay! The bad news is I have a sore throat and a cough.......grrrrr I must have caught a cold from my friend at the weekend. I haven't had a cold for years!

Had porridge, coffee and now having tea. Will start water later. Supposed to be going up to London for a party tonight. Don't want to miss it just for a bit of a cold so I will probably go, and just not kiss anyone!

Here's to a great pre-Christmas dieting day for us all!
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Hi do go and have a wonderful time i have been ill the last 2 weeks and sturggled to stay focussed but back on track yesterday well done on your loss so far x
Thanks, you're not doing too badly yerself! We're both past our half way marks, yay! Glad you managed to get back on track. It is impossible to diet when you are feeling ill. Thankfully my cold isn't too bad. Hoping, that with all the vitamins in the CD packs, I'll manage to fight it off!


I will get into that wedding dress!
morning lovely ladies!!

i too have a sore throat coming eeuurrgghh!!

have had nothing yet today!! need to get drinking that water as im retaining it again coz of my naughty weekend!!!! need to get that water down me give me a kick up the bum girlies!!

weighin in under 2 hours.

Hoping for a miracle. I ate for 3 days - but have been good for 4.

Will be gutted if i have put on, and would love it if I was lower.

I'd be sad to stay the same but would deserve it.


I will get into that wedding dress!
ive actually been hitting the water really hard today!!

made the kids fishfingers, chips and peas for dinner NEVER wanted fishfingers as much as i did tonight!!!
I've not drank enough water today - have been in a different office and just didn't get as much as I usually do so will have to drink more tonight.

Went to weigh in and have lost 3.5lbs so that's a stone gone now - yippee - 1 down 8 to go :D

Hope those with coughs and colds are soon feeling better :)


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hello guys. sorry i'm so late. i'm working until 11 tonight..

so, today was christmas market day in my non-cd regime. scary. i got a meal but could only eat a quarter of it. and then i got a very naughty food item for later that i won't mention here. it's all in my diary, ha. anyways. it's in the bin now :D it wasn't very nice and i threw it away. couldn't believe it. before i would have munched and munched and munched anyways, just because. but it is soundly in the bin :D

abz xx
Hi everyone!! Have had about 3.5 litres today but I have a final 500ml to drink as I will be up for quite a while tonight. I bought the bars earlier this week and as I have discovered, they are so tempting to snack on so I shall only be getting one weekly so that I can "treat" myself after weigh in. All the same Uni is so stressful and all I want to do is go to the shops and buy a bag of Haribos and work the night away, but I have water and tea for company instead. He he.
I've not bought any bars up to now, am sticking to soups really - dread that I might eat the bar as a 'snack' and then be more'ish for a soup or something for a meal.


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i know that some people cut up a bar and fridge it and nibble on the pieces during the day. i personally love the bars. and on the odd day i needed a little extra i would have a fourth pack and count it as an ss+ day. but i didn't need to do it often...

abz xx
I used to have them when I was doing LL as you had 4 packs a day but whenever I had one I always wanted more -- so what I tended to do was have them of an evening with a drink ...... I'm sure I'll give them a go at some point, prob just not a good idea at the moment :)

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