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Tuesday - Hour x Hour

Good morning one and all.....

Don't know what's up with me these last couple of days, am so tired - really struggling to get up and normally I don't have a problem with that.

Am hoping to finish work that little bit early today so it's not all bad and I've just realised that with it being April 1st I officially begin my new job today even though I won't move over there for a few weeks.

Hope everyone has a good positive day and good luck to all those with weigh ins ;)
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That'll be me then ...thanks .Weigh in this morning and i don't know how its gone this week.My enthusiasm is being sorely tested,as food seems to be tormenting me at every turn and the packs get more and more of a challenge.Still i am working today which will keep me occupied so lets hope for the best.

hope evryone has a good day



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Good luck with the WI today Liz, am sure you'll do well.

I jumped on my scales this morning and the needle moved for the first time since Thursday, but moved enough to move me into double digits - am now 98.6 kilos. So have lost a whole 3 stone now. YIPPEE!!!!

Last day on the phones for me today, move onto new job (same dept though) tomorrow, can't wait!!!

Anyways have a good day y'all.
Morning, I really didn't want to move this morning but packed lunches needed making.
I've got a day of errands to run that I ignored yesterday when I was enjoying the sunshine. :(

Hope WI's go well and every one has a positive losing type of a day. :D


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Morning all,
What a grey and rainy day it is in London today. Atleast its not cold.
4lbs gone at weigh in last night, considering its over two weeks I know I could have done better but still its gone and thats all that counts.

Corey you must be delighted, anyone who needs to be on the phone all day has my sympathy.

Cookey - hang in there it will pass.

Katie- Hope you feel better soon. I find the change of season often does that to me.


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Morning all,
hope all that are feeling a little below par, feel better as the day goes by :)
Way to go Corey... 3 stone is fantastic.
Got my weigh in tonight and my scales are favourable but I never work on those cos for some reason they always differ from my lighterlife scales!! I would love to lose 4lbs tonight cos that would make me half way there!! Any loss is great though so I'm not to worried :D
Have a great day everyone :D


constantly confused
I've had a bit of depression lately that I just can't shake off.

Have just got through half a pack of wipes cleaning everything in my living room (that is SO not like me) and now my hands are sore but I don't feel any better!!

Hmm, might go and start on the bathroom :rolleyes:


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Hi all, good luck to all WIs today. Still going well on my target of having all foodpacks and water every day this week, feel loads better in myself already for it! Officially applied for our mortgage today so am dead happy! Hope everyone well xx

aaaw sorry you feeling down Tollergirl, attacking the cleaning is always thereputic I find. Hope you feel better and will see you on sat x


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hello all- just got in from work and am off to the cinema later.
Had an ok day- been drinking plenty so hopefully will pay off!
i must say the thread about the gmtv thing is bloody silly!
I Dont understand why people no longer have a sense of humor and take life so seriously- its really sad! :(
hope everyone is good!
good luck bex xxxxxx
Hi Kellie, enjoy the cinema - what you watching?

Hope weigh in is going well for you Bex :D

TG, sorry to hear you're feeling a bit blue ----- do you know the cause? Is there someone you can chat to? --- hope it eases off for you and you're soon back to normal.

Well I've just been out on my bike and fell off it :( I'm okay, just dented pride and scratched mirrors and exhaust on the bike - I was only going really slow as I was stopping for a junction and I just went over to the right hand side ....... my son came and rescued me as I was only 2 mins down the road so he came to help me pick it up - well I'd picked it up but I was on the right hand side and couldn't get on it or get round to the other side to put it on its stand. I rode it straight home very shakily ---- not gonna go out now till hubby is here at the weekend.


longs to be average!
I can't help but feel insensed after reading the Lorraine Kelly April Fool Joke thread - ARRGHH!! Do people really not have a sense of humour anymore, does life have to be so flippin serious all the time? If it had been an April Fool about a bunch of gaymen, I would have laughed just as much.

Rant over.......

Got home, and my trees had been delivered, they are now safe in the ground, and well watered in. That's one job done. Must get some more gravel tomorrow on my way home from work, or should I wait until the weekend, and my OH can pay for it????? Oh decisions, decisions.

Got told today that the training tomorrow won't start until 10 at the earliest, so what is the betting that I will back on the phones for an hour or two tomorrow morning? Always the same at that place. I still havn't been told where my new desk is going to be, what to expect on the course, or even when the actual dates of the course are, all I know it's over the next 5 weeks, but not everyday. Have no idea who my new boss is - nothing. So frustrating! Still that's the government for you I guess.

Second rant over.....

Just though - what's happened to Ladylite???? Thought she would be back from her Pony weekend in my delightful county that is Essex by now!!


constantly confused
Can we not keep the LK Today stuff to that thread? It's a bad enough being accused of having no sense of humour there without it being dragged into other threads.

People have different opinions, and I'm entitled to mine without being insulted for them.
Oh Katie - bless....the main thing is you are OK.

We ALL drop our bikes when we are learning - don't let that discourage you! And well done on lifting the bike on your own! These things happen, and with each mistake you learn and get stronger and will be a better rider for it. Sometimes, it's just a simple matter of the balance shifting just toooooo far without you realising it and BHAM! Its down.

I am just so glad you did not get hurt.

Stick with your hubby for awhile....a good while....it's just safer that way while you are learning to do one of the most dangersous things there is... ;) Then you get a nice solid foundation of confidence. That will see you through.



longs to be average!
Can we not keep the LK Today stuff to that thread? It's a bad enough being accused of having no sense of humour there without it being dragged into other threads.

People have different opinions, and I'm entitled to mine without being insulted for them.
Sorry!! Thought that as it is always the same people on the hour x hour threads I could rant to my friends, without people I don't know, nor care about, chipping in.

In that case, will keep my comments on here to gardening and how I am feeling, will find a thread that discusses WI and leave WI issues on there, and if I have cheated, will find a thread for that also.

Could I suggest then, that if someone has issues with PMS, that they find a thread for those issues, as I find it uncomfortable!


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awwww Katie how are you feeling? hope you arnt too bruised or anything- dont let it knock your confidence your doing fab girl!
toller girl- no one is accuaing you of having no personality- its just that we have different opinions and also like to express ours.

Corey- i was just thinking the same thing about ladylite.

well not going the cinema anymore- friends are out having a meal and then the cinema after i bypassed the meal and arranged to meet them at the cinema afterwards- only now they have changed their mind and are staying for drinks and desert- therefore- no cinema :(
im gutted.
on a lighter note- got into some size 12 trousers today wooooo hooooo!!


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lol @ corey xx :D


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just your PMT rant :) x

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