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Tuesday Hour X Hour

Morning! It's Tuesday!!! That menas we got through Monday! :)

Hope everyone is waking up feeling positive and focused and ready to take on the world. Or at least Lighter Life!! :D

I have an early finish today - well, 4pm - so looking forward to that! Might even have a motorbike to ride tonight if hubby was successful last night! I went to bed at 11pm leaving him in the garage still wrenching away on her. All was going well, and then she turned into Old Faithful and spewed oil EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!! So it was a right mess! But I think he sorted it. FIngers crossed!

Have a great day everyone! And drink that water! Though not as much as we thought we had too!! See my other post about water! :)
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Glad you are feeling positive Dancing! Best way to be!! :)

Yes Dancing, I agree - thing is, drink what you can comfortably without stressing and making yourself sick.

Three litres is still an ample amount of water, taking into account the copius amounts of tea/coffee some drink, plus the 3-4 packets mixed with water each day. It used to be just 8 8-ounce glasses a day were reccomended, which is not much at all....so I feel we are still getting enough, and in fact, on my trip I struggled to get all the water in many days, but I didn;t have any ill effects.

I think its really going to be helpful for those who struggle with four litres, and lets face it many do - this will alleviate the pressure they feel, and I wouldn;t be surprised if they then easily drink the three, if not more.

But as there is nothing else to drink, and I get thirsty all day - I will as said keep on 4 or more probably.



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Morning All,

Beautiful day, I did my normal walk to work, along the south bank this morning and it was gorgeous. Lots of lovely men jogging to work too ;)

I have not read the thread re water, but as BL says drink what you can. I personally find it hard to get past 3l at work but then usually have another litre to 2 litres depending at home.
I am feeling alot more positive than I have for awhile.
Glad you are feeling good Tange! :) Thats always good news!!!

You are lucky to have such a nice walk to work. I wish I could - but its 3.5 hours down the A27, not very nice. Also, not entirely sure my old broken knees would be OK? Would love to get a walk in as a necessity insuring I would get ample exercise every day! Which - is something I must address. I still hate exercise. :( :D


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BL, I had the biggest giggle with a friend of mine last week. I had started walking about 2 months ago and was so getting into it, doing an hour on the way to work and an hour on the way home everyday (weather permitting). I was loving it. Then sprained my ankle and could barely walk.
Last week I said to a friend I really miss my exercise, then I started laughing and she looked at me like I had two heads... I have never been one for exercising. And now I can't wait for my ankle to be properly healed so I can pick up the pace and do some power walking.

Makes me feel better too. I was so down yesterday about my job situation and just generally having a pity party but the walk cheered me right up.


longs to be average!
Morning all,

Well good start to the day - my beloved 37" Plasma TV died this morning - it was only 3. So am struggling to watch my stories on a 15" portable now. Fortunately I took out extended warranty, so engineer coming out on Thursday afternoon. On the plus side - if he can't give it the kiss of life and bring it back - I get a brand new TV under the warranty, like for like. But as my TV is now discontinued, it'll be something similiar. I am actually quiet happy to be honest, have been wanting to upgrade for awhile, but OH wouldn't let me!! The miserable git!

Hope the weather holds out for the weekend - my nieces wedding and my big reveal to my Mum!!


is going to loose!
Morning all.... although I also bid you good evening! It's 8.45pm over here.

I've done well for the day. Nearly 4 ltrs but I've stopped now. Eaten really well today and only had 1 medium biscuit, protein bar, extra cheese and crackers over. Also didn't go to the gym due to a headache, however will tomorrow.

Looking forward to another positive day Wednesday. My thought for the day is drink lots of water and do something kind for someone you dont know! I love giving way to pedestrians when I'm driving!



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Did anyone else here about the tomoto soup being scrapped?
apparently no one liked it- I did though when we trialed it! lol.
and they are changing the vegetable soup too! xxxx
Kellie=];732847 said:
Did anyone else here about the tomoto soup being scrapped?
apparently no one liked it- I did though when we trialed it! lol.
and they are changing the vegetable soup too! xxxx

Yeah, that really annoyed me. Its because a lot of people did not like it. But those of us that did, and are longing for some changes lose out. :mad::sigh::rolleyes:

SO.....people....here's an idea....

Next time LL trys a new product and asks your opinion - just say you like it no matter what!- then it will get offered for the minority!!- but you wouldn't need to have it!! :D


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yeah i really liked it too! I was a bit gutted about that one!
i think the veg soup is ok- id rather they get new ones than change old ones :( x


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oh and forgot to say- lost another 4lbs since being on RTM.
That brings me to exactly 4 stone lost. started at 13.13- started RTM at 10.8 now weigh 9.13!
1 more stone to go!


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Kellie=];733617 said:
oh and forgot to say- lost another 4lbs since being on RTM.
That brings me to exactly 4 stone lost. started at 13.13- started RTM at 10.8 now weigh 9.13!
1 more stone to go!

Well done you!!!! Are you just sticking to the plan? What exercise are you doing?
Sorry for all the questions I have just over a stone to go and am hoping to loose another 10lbs in RTM?

You are looking completely amazing by the way.


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awww thats so kind! thankyou.
I have adjusted RTM slightly because I started it early as I have more to loose.
The only change iv really made is im still on one meal a day- plus loadsss of snacks.
Im on week 9 now- and really do not feel that I could fit 2 meals in with everything else im eating so i havnt bothered. Dont get me wrong if im hungry ill eat- but not just for the sake of it!
Iv been going to the gym at least 4 times a week and doing at least an hour- its hard work and its boring but its working so I am just getting on with it. I guess once I reach my target weight twice a week and maybe a swim once a week will be what ill stick to.
I have noticed I have very little cellulite now which is so pleasing- its defo down to the excercise and lack of crap food.
On an average day at the moment Im eating 1 LL Bar/shake for breakfast. 2-3 pieces of fruit for lunch with a yoghurt (usually muller light, they are addictive) then a big dinner of veg/salad and protein. Followed by more fruit and yog. If im hungry in between ill have rice crackers and cottage cheese or ham, etc. or a cup of soup, or a bowl of fat free soup. I also snack on corn on the cobs alot they are very filling.
So im getting more than enough food but I guess the excercise is helping which im very pleased about :)Iv lost 9lbs in RTM but the first 3-4 weeks was a bit bad for me. I made the mistake of calorie counting and started swapping foodpacks for sweets and chocolates etc.
But that was only for a couple of weeks and im back on track now so I guess I would have lost a little more if i hadnt messed about so much.
the trick is to just be sensible and stick to the plan. if your wanting to loose more just increase the excercise while ur trying to get that last 10lbs off!
when do you start RTM?


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Thanks Kellie, I am hoping to start at the end of July, well its the time limit I have set myself anyway. I should weigh atleast 68kgs (10st 7) by then. So its push push for me to get there although only got 16lbs left to loose.

I am excited and scared all at the same time. But determined to do management properly.
Best I get off and join Gym Box, (flash new gym opening near work.)
Thanks for the info though, its sounds like you are eating loads of good stuff and its pretty doable.


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yeah- the thing you have to remember is you have gone without food for so long- so any food(even an apple or a carrot) is a treat!
you will be fine :) xxx
Well done Kellie - sounds like you are doing great !!! (Aside from your rough start, you naughty lil minx you! That did make me giggle, ins a supportive way though. I understand your logic. In fact, it is my logic. "Blonde" Logic. Thats how I got that name - my husband coined it for me once when I was rationalising something!! :D) Anyway - well done you!!! I'm proud of ya kiddo! You've worked hard, are working hard, and its a really great acheivement!

And Tange, good luck to you on your approach. I know what you mean about being scared AND excited. I am that way too, just thinking about it. I reckon I will hit RTM end of July/beginning of August. <OMG! I am talking about it! I remember longing to even be at the stage to just start thinking about RTM - and here we are!>
I want to do it right too. No point putting all the effort in only to half-ass the most important part, ay? I know you will nail it though. I have no doubts at all. :)

Good stuff ladies!! Good stuff!

(Oh! Kellie - I was surprised to read you can have corn on the cob often as thats a starchy veg - but I am delighted! I LOVE LOVE LOVE COTC!!! Especially uncooked - its soooo sweet and yummy! So that made me happy!)

Oh it's good to be home from work :)

Still on track with the diet and feeling really good - no horrid side effects so that's a bonus --- luckily I've never had those apart from feeling the cold.

Kellie well done on hitting the 4st mark, you're doing brilliantly on RTM :)

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