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*Tuesday* We CAN do it - Hour by Hour


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Morning everyone, how are you today?

I'm restarting again today as I gave myself a night off at the weekend which managed to turn into two days off. My head is back in the game now so off I go!

Good luck to anyone with weigh ins, keep us posted. Have a fab day, lots of water and keep on sipping that green tea!
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Morning Chika

Good luck for today :)

I'm on my first litre of water and just about to have my first mug of Green tea.

I have a whole box full of CD goodies which arrived yesterday from my CDC, so today I'm going to try Mix a mousse for the first time. Yesterday I had my first chocolate tetra ever, I froze it. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven at first. Ok, so it's not quite Ben & Jerry's but it was lovely!

Towards the end it got a bit sickly, but I'll definitely be having it again! is the banana one nice frozen does anyone know?

Good Morning Campers!!

Weigh in drum roll please....... 4lbs!!! Thats a stone in 2 weeks!! Going out to celebrate tonight! Yip Yip Yipppeeeeee



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Good morning Chika glad you are back on track hang in the hunx...

Morning Mochaj, the choc tetra frozen is soooo yummy, I personnally don't like the Banana one frozen but you could try one to see.

I'm on my 1st mug of GT and have my bottle of water to hand also...

2 clients this morning and then might pop into town and visit a friend who isn't too well at the moment. But will be back and popping in and out all day.

Good luck with any weighins today..

have a good one



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Morning Tiffers great weight loss hun x.
I hope when you say that you will be celebrating tonight it will NOT be a few drinks and a meal....try and treat yourself to something that's not food related.
Good Morning girls,

Good luck today Chika xxx

Tiffers well done thats fantastic huni xxx

Mochaj i love the choc tetra frozen but have never tryed the banana one like it xxx

Well this wedding is darn real now!! lol, only four more sleeps!! lol, I am going to pick up my wedding dress this morning OMG OMG

Good luck today for anyone with weigh-ins xx
It is getting real close now mochaj, am getting soooo excited now but sooo nervous too, and yes i cant wait to collect my dress will be trying it on for the fial time this morning at the shop b4 the big day on saturday!!!!, no we not going away on honeymoon,but my mum and sister have booked us a room in a hotel for our wedding night
Oh Saffron - Ive got Millions of get ups till mine - but i have no doubt it will come round quick!! I have my first dress fitting 15th December - Hoping to be about 7lbs lighter by then so I can still loose a bit more before I get charged for changing size!!
morning.. Not had much sleep as I have a cold that is driving me crazy. Just a cold but still feel drained. Now I'm up as I have to drive across to where I'm moving to (30 miles away) this weekend to meet my CDC. My first day of Cambridge today (moving from LL) and I'm looking forward to trying all the new bricks, bars, shakes and soups (I guess I can have the bricks and bars as I've been on LL for 11 weeks).

Hope I like my CDC - she sounded good on the telephone!

Good luck with CD Dancing! I bet you will love it. I don't see any reason why you won't be able to have bars etc as you've been doing LL, but then I'm no CDC so don't take my opinion as fact :p
Woke up with a smashing headache last night, i know it's down to dehydration as i barely managed 2 litres of the pure stuff yesterday (worked 14 hours :() Nevermind, will sort it out today :)

How was the date Chika?
Hey Mocha, never tried the banana tetra as i hate synthetic banana flavour, but i may ask my CDC for 1 next time. You sticking to SS missy?
Well done on the loss Tiffers, blooming marvy :D
Maggie hope your friend feels well soon.

Tara - I'm sooooooooo excited for you, can't wait to try on wedding dresses xxx

Going to update my blog now, don't bother reading yet as it norally takes me about an hour to write anything :) Side tracked!!!

Lurve yoooooooooooooooo xxxxx
Yes Leah I'm sticking to it! Doing AAM this week and I scale hopped this morning to find out I'm now 3 stones down :party0049: Are you behaving yourself too? :) Get that FSJ down your neck!
Well done hun, i'm well proud of you.
Yea, i'm sticking to it, but finding it bloody hard at the moment. Cooking EVERYTHING on the Frankie and bennys menu in work all this week - was so difficult last night as it was desert day.
Worst thing is that i'm a bar tender/waitress so i am amking all the cocktails and am expected to try them......

Pants xxxxx
Thats he problem - i'm coming so close to quitting it's unreal. Finished training at half eight and had to go to bed by half nine cos i was so down about it all.

Damn you CD!

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