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Tuesday weighers


Slow but sure....
Well done that's excellent.

Good luck to all you Tuesday WI's.

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Well done that's great going! I WI tonight xx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I STS! I have no idea how! (tho I didn't buy Christmas cake, mince pies or a pork pie this year)


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I was so pleased as I lost 0.5 lb and was slimmer of the week for the 3rd week running!! My personal goal is to lose every week and so far I have!! Although next week might not be good as I'm changing from a 10am WI to a 7pm WI so if I have a gain I won't count it, lol:D


I weigh in at 5.30, so not looking forward it :cry:I really hopeI have only put on 1/2 lb, well done you :D


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have family round tonight so not going to my drop in. I know i have gained - that is fine. Its 10 days of moderate indulgence.

Back to the plan next Monday when i start back at work!

One question though - do you still get charged if you do not turn up for the drop in weigh in? Is it treated like a normal class?

We started on the new electronic system last week. No mercy involved!

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
2 pound on for me and ecstatic about that - was thinking 4 or 5 - oh well it's not every week you get engaged and celebrate Christmas too! it was worth every morsal! xxx


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2.5 on for me but I'm happy with that as I've proper pigged out so it should have been more! Need to get back on track now though.


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1.5 on for me and i am gutted i thought i had managed to stay within syns so no treats this week grrr being over weight :mad:


I ♥ Slimming World :)
Well I ate like a madman over Christmas, SW couldn't have been further from my mind (especially when I had the majority of a BIG box of Ferrero Rocher lol), but I weighed tonight and put on only 2.5lbs. Cannot be happier, expected much more, and it won't take long to drop that back off again :)

Good luck everyone


A sucker for a key change
I gained (another) 1.5lbs this week. I expected more, so I am relieved. I hope to undo all of my xmas indulgence in the next week or two....


I am so relieved, its only a 1/2lb gain and i'm back on plan as of yesterday, am out new years eve but I am driving so I am obviously not drinking and l will eat before I go out, so hopefully will have a loss next week. :D


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I have just got back from my weigh in, I have put on 3lb's :sigh:.

I was going to be good after boxing day but there was too much chocolate left!
I am back on plan today, hopefully the weight will come off as quickly as it went on!!


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I put on 2 lbs last night, and everyone in the queue around me had a loss or sts......Wasn't nice.

But hey, new start..........as I have an important wedding to go to next yr so I want to look my best. Which is great motivation.



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Blimey, you lot are saints compared to me! I put on 6lb!!
Only a couple of people at my group lost, most put on and I wasn't the biggest gainer either :)
Sadly though, it never comes off as quickly as it goes on.