Tummy rumblings.....

Discussion in 'Very Low Calorie Diets' started by IzzyWizzy, 1 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. IzzyWizzy

    IzzyWizzy Full Member

    Argh! Began the Cambridge Diet last night. So far so good but to keep my mind off my rumbling tum I am doing the ironing.....my house is going to be spotless at this rate....:eek:
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  3. jeanette78

    jeanette78 Silver Member

    I know what u mean lol, my was rumbling really loud, good job i was alone :D i'm on exante
  4. IzzyWizzy

    IzzyWizzy Full Member

    I have never heard of exante. Is it good? It was a killer tonight cooking dinner for the rest of the family lol but I managed not to even lick my fingers!!!!
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  5. jeanette78

    jeanette78 Silver Member

    Very similar to cambridge, just u buy online. Costs 109 pound a month.

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  6. IzzyWizzy

    IzzyWizzy Full Member

    Hi Jeanette, How is the exante going? I have managed to curb most of the rumblings now by adjusting the times I have my shakes. I have succumbed to sniffing the marmite Jar every now again lol
  7. jeanette78

    jeanette78 Silver Member

    Hi izzy, I am doing great thanx, have lost 6st 4.5lb total, and 3lb lost this week :D wasn't expecting that as have been missing food lol, so hav substituted a protein and veg meal instead of a pack. Am off on hols to spain in 5 weeks so will carry on like this till then. I have also altered when I hav my packs, hav first one at approx 1pm then about 5.30, then last one about 8pm. This helps as I was starting to pick in the nights. If only chicken etc.
    How r u doing?

    Ugh re the marmite tho :D

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