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Tummy Troubles

Good morning lovely fellow dieters!!
I was wondering if someone could help me with another question??!!
When I started Lipotrim I was expecting to be 'bunged up' (sorry dont want to be too graphic!) but in fact as time goes on it's the complete opposite, to the point of having no warning and having to leg it to the bathroom! It's embarressing but I just wanted to see if this is normal?? Hope I havent grossed anyone out. xx
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Think a few people have experienced this hun, first few days can be like this until your body settles down, then goes the opposite lol

just keep hanging in their and make sure your drinking extra water to make up for any you may be loosing at the moment down the pan!!

must b horrible, but keep the bigger picture in mind and it wont last long!!
hmm id speak to your pharmacy about that dont sound quite right usually it clears up and gets better


My husband = My hero
yeah that does seem an awful long time lovely...

maybe try the fibreclear, that works both ways by putting high fibre into your body, so can either move you along or slow you down...

ask your pharmacist though cos u shouldnt be suffering

Yeah, that's to be expected. Noises, reverse burps, the whole icky-mess of the thing. Fibre-clear or other similar products can help bulk up loose stool and keep the colon in decent shape.


My husband = My hero
Senakot has got natural sugars in so its A DEFFINATE NO NO!


blue eyes

Positive and focused!
I heard that sometimes the high concentration of minerals can take you the other way and that by making your drinks up with more water might help! XX
stay away from senekot thats a laxative which you have no need for Fibreclear is the product for you basically it adds bulk so avoids the problems your experincing check out the lipotrim website it gives a better explaination as its not something i use

hope everything gets sorted soon

xx Sharron
Thanks for all your messages guys, sorry to gross everyone out but it kinda alternates! One day fairly normal the next extremely loose! God can t believe I'm sharing this! Lol! Was just a little concerned. xx
Tink this is the place to share this - honestly, we have heard it all before so that is why people are able to give you the advice they can! Fibreclear should do the trick but as blue eyes suggests, try making your shakes with more water. I use 500mls to make mine up. Try adding a bit more each time till you come to a level you can enjoy. Any more than 500ml and I find mine too watery. I do whisk mine in the blender longer to thicken it up nicely - yummy and frothy! mmmm.

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