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tumy tuck or more?

Well I had my initial consultation today having got permission from the pct in october last year.
Wasnt sure what would happen today and still not sure what to think now i am home. Surgeon was nice and rather surprised when i corrected the info from my doctors (who stated Id lost 3 stone rather than nearer 7!). he asked if id had gastric band button etc etc and was shocked when i explained VLCD.

Anyway i was shocked next as he suggested a full body lift rather than a tummy tuck. Apparantly this will give better results (including some lift on my thighs and bum!)
This will involve 4 to 5 hour two man op rather than 3 to 4 one man and 4 to 5 weeks off rather than 2 to 3. These details may be rather shaky as I was in shock!

So mixed feelings ...sad and humiliated that i let my weight get so bad that it needs such severe remedial work. Isnt hind sight a great thing? Scared of such a big op as I have children to think about, excited that I might get a nice tummy. pleased that where I live NHS have agreed to fund tt and he believes will fund full body lift.
Any opinions welcome , will see him again in sept/oct when i will have maintained for a year.
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Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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I would do it in a heartbeat without hesitation. But I am a seasoned veteran - have already had about 15 surgeries in my lifetime. :rolleyes: So they don;t scare me anymore.

I wish the NHS down here would do it.. :(

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
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oooo to jealous for words :0) will defo have my tum done , but we are desperate for another baby so will wait until weve given up trying or managed to have another ...


Lovin it !!! :)
Although ultimately it has to be your decision, I too would jump at the chance of a body lift on NHS. The operation costs anywhere up to 12k )depending where it is carried out) and you have achieved so much in your weight loss. I lost 7.5 stone with Lighter Life (few years ago & few stone back on) and I can honestly say I hated my naked body after weight loss. Loose skin, hanging and slapping around - I would have jumped at the chance to have a body lift - now sadly, I am back on the wagon tring to shift the 3 stone odd I have gained through being just plain greedy.
Anyway - the original op you had had in mind was 3-4 hrs - any operation is a risk and the alternative op is only a little longer - same risk - as I said it is totally your decision and only you can decide what that decision will be - just wish you lots of luck and congratulations on your fabtastic weighloss.
Bev x
Brave girl

I couldn't do it, but if I did it would be to remove the saggy boob skin. They looklike my Mum's, but fine in clothes and a darn sight better than how I used to be.


Full Member
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I agree with fitz snowmum, if you were going for a TT anyway then the risks can't be too much more for the full BL? Did they go into that with you and the associated risks?

I didn't realise that some PCT's fund this kind of thing (pretty sure mine wouldn't), but being someone who would def consider surgery if I could get it on the NHS I would bite their hands off! A friend of mine has recently had a TT (privately) and the results are fab and she now has so much more confidence.

Obviously you will have to consider recovery time and how you will manage that with children but I wish you all the luck in the world whatever you decide!

Please keep us posted as I am really interested to hear how you get on.

At least you don't have to factor in money when making your decison that's one variable out of the equation, the op itself - the anaesthetic is only 1 hour longer - the results will be amazing for just the extra hour.
2 weeks recovery longer - that's the bit that will take the planning, but you have 3 months to figure that out.
I would do it in a heartbeat.
It's your decision, I'm sure you'll do what is right for you.

All the best
Can I ask, what did you have to do to get it on the NHS, any special circumstances? Did you suggest it, or your doc?
Hope I'm not being too personal.
I'd jump at the chance, and just wondered if there was any chance short of winning the lottery
hi went to drs told him id lost 7 stone ish, felt my tum was not what it should be questionned if i had a hernia thing from my pregnancies. he refered me on, no problems. it went automatically to a ' surgery exclusion panal' thing with the PCT who granted permision. i was surprised how easy it was at each stage i was prepared to politely argue my corner but i never really had to! one thing i was not going to do (luckily didnt have to) was lie and cry and pretend it was ruining my life as its not. In the scheme of things that others experience ie cancer loss of loved ones debilitating illness etc my saggy tum wont stop me having a positive life so i couldnt have lied and said otherwise. having said that im very glad to get a chance at correcting it and have decidd to go ahead with full body lift as recomended by the surgeon. If i get the furhter funding? hope that helps
I'd have in done in the blink of an eye if I could. Everything is stupidly saggy and if I was to have anything I think I'd go for the whole body lift as from what I've seen it does seem to give better results. You've done so well to lose and maintain so a few weeks recovering isn't going to be a huge upheaval for you I shouldn't think.

I've only been maintaining for seven months now but have started to mention it when I've been to the Dr the last few times. Even if my PCT do fund it I'm not sure of my chances as I'm only 32 and have no kids and I know they're a bit funny about it given I could have them in the future (not that I really want any and having no partner is always a factor too!)

All the best maintaining and keep us updated with your progress. I'm green with envy too!!!
I have had boob uplift and body lift on nhs both with fab results, the only thing about body lift is line in bum higher up my back lol going to see my surgeon tom morning about next surgery which is my legs, good luck with your surgery x x x
Hi Snowmum,
Thanks so much for the info, I'm definitely going to drop it into the conversation next time I go to the docs.
I'm glad you've decided to go for it, I hope you now get the additional funding. As you've got the surgeons recommendation I should hope it is straight forward and rubber stamped.
Look forward to hearing all about it.
thanks everyone. I go back in September with a view to either the TT or BL depending on funding at some time in the Autumn term.
Hi snowmun I been to see my surgeon today and I have to phone on monday to see when I have to go in and when it is convenient for me to have my legs done, I have also asked today if he will do my arms and pushed it and asked if he will do my eyes and omg he said yes but one op at a time, he said I heal well and my body lift was a new type of surgery only performed in the north east and I was first to have it and as I had agreed to photos (took a few month ago)to be shown on big screen to show other plastic surgeons all over the country he would do them, I told him I loved him lol and he just burst out laughing. I can't believe that some pct turn people down when I have been lucky to get what I want. x
Hi Horseclutter,
Wow!, Is that all there is to it, Really, ask and you shall receive.
Any other qualifying criteria or anything. Just would like to have all the ammo ready when I approach my Doc, would hate to blow it by saying the wrong thing in the first sentence. Guess you only get 1 go at getting your own Doctor on side.
Do I have to have maintained for a year or something?


I Can Do This!
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My sil had a tummy tuck after losing 8 stone. She went private but has had loads of problems with infections and other complications. Been back in for corrective surgery and now has drains. Still having issues with lack of healing.

I think she has been unlucky though. Most people seem to breeze through thte surgery. Waiting to see how my body pans out after maintaining for a while first.
Hi I didn't have to maintain or anything for a year, I think it does depend on your pct. As for only getting one go I know a lass that was turned down and she asked to be referred to another consultant and the next consultant agreed to do her tummy tuck so I would keep trying. I think I have just been really lucky and got a good surgeon, I can't believe how easy I have got things and my eyes I can't believe it!! but hey you don't get if you don't ask

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