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Turning my fracture into a positive


Excited about the new me!
Had a fall last week and my arm had been painfull and very badly bruised all week. Started to swell on Friday, so went to Hosp to check it out on Sat morn, and found out I had a very large Hematoma and Fracture :(. Never knew it!!

So.. my dilema.. I'm so independent, do everything myself, drive and have a full time job and a weekend job too. So thats me off work for at least 2 weeks, til I see Fracture Clinic.. Had to go and get my Medical Cert this morn and its a 5 km drive there and back.. so I was gonna cab it.. but then thought.. Walk.. so this has now got me thinking.

If I can walk 5 km a day,which burns 235 cals and will tone my legs, why not do other keep fit stuff too? Sit ups is possible, just can't use my arms.

So my fracture might even help me loose weight :D
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Excited about the new me!
Hi CB, Thanks huni..pain.. yes, you could say that. Very sharp sensation, like pins and needles but painfull ones. Maybe the clinic is a busy one, with all the weekend appt's. GP gave me a medical cert this morn for 2 weeks, which will take me up til the day after the appt. But he did say, that I should be prepared for a cast or splint?? Great! Thought it would be in the clinic in 2 week's, be given all clear and back to work. Day 1 off work and I'm bored, lol.. if it wasn't for the walk earlier and this forum, I'd be climbing the walls, lol.. x
Firstly, I do hope that your arm gets treated quickly, but, mostly importantly, good on you for keeping positive and upbeat!
Great idea to walk - you'll find that your fitness picks up really quickly!!!
I was stuck on the sofa for 4 weeks earlier this year as I'd sprained my cruciate ligament, so could not walk, I can honestly say that this site saved my sanity!!!!
Take care. x
That sounds like thats where the fracture is, so I would expect so. I'm not medical, of course, just work and type in that department, and tend to type the same thing every other letter, but my nephew fractured his arm last summer, and I sat in with him, asking questions. Lets face it, I'm just nosey! Ha ha!!

Don't sit there and just put up with the pain, if it really gets unbearable, go back. There's no harm.
Well done. I love positive and am a firm believer that one should always take the positive out of everything. Which obviously you have done.

One exercise I find easy to do and cheap is step exercises. Instead of buying a step I juust use the step from the living room into the kitchen................ no arms needed,

Sue xx


Excited about the new me!
Thanks CB and FM.

CB, went to tesco last night to get some cocodamol but pharmacy had shut, so had some codiene tablets here, which I used before for my hip (arthritus pain) and took those before bed. I can put up with the ache during the day, but its getting changed, and at night in bed that its so painful. So glad I have to ask about things to do with this, thanks again :) and its good to be nosey, lol.. I am too ;)x

Kind of stops you in your tracks. FM, I'll try those exercise today after I've been walking. Just want some good tummy ones to do now :)
How are you doing ??



Excited about the new me!
Hello Fillymum

Sore, but ok.. don't get seen at fracture clinic til 21st and the sling isn't giving the fracture any support. I do think if I'd had it plastered or splinted up before now, it'd be healing.. Hey ho.. thats the NHS for you :). Thanks for asking FM. x

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