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  1. Jersey Joe

    Jersey Joe Full Member

    Hey Tweezer.. How is week 2 going?
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  3. tweeza

    tweeza Full Member

    week 2 is still going strong JJ (hope u dont mind ur nickname) I have dropped a dress size :D stting in my new jeans one size down. Cant bloody breathe but I got them on without lying down:D not weighing myself this week as I want to not get obssesed with numbers but am obssesed with the keto sticks. How are you getting on I replied on ur post about the eggs and dont let it drag you down doll it was only eggs if that had been me it would have been a thousand times worse I admired way you listened to ur body which was weak but still didnt come off the plan when is ur weigh in
  4. Jersey Joe

    Jersey Joe Full Member

    Thanks Hun,

    Im minded to do the same. I start my week 2 on Sunday so tomorrow is my final day of week 1 and light at the end of the tunnel ! A new dress size is absolutely fantastic !!!! What an achievement in a week. That is seriously good going. Just think if you were following a conventional plan, it would probably take us a couple of months...

    Now that I have a bit more energy I am planning to do some exercise next week to help speed things along. My hairdresser told me when he did it (He had about 10 stone to lose) he went swimming every day and was getting big losses each week) but still one day at a time for us egh?

    Have a great weekend. I am working unfortunately but will check in from time to time and read your posts.
  5. tweeza

    tweeza Full Member

    will look out for your loss its going to be a good one :D im off all weekend so will be on here its a good way to keep my mind off that thing that cant be named f**d
  6. Jersey Joe

    Jersey Joe Full Member

    Only 50 mins to go and home time whoopy. I have been reading a magazine the last 30 mins and almost wanting to lick the recepies on the cookery pages.

    Tweezer, can I ask what do you think is behind your weight gain. Is it emotional? can you remember a time when you were happy with the way you felt?
  7. tweeza

    tweeza Full Member

    I was the most outgoing person you would have ever met im not saying Im pretty or had the best body but I was happy in my own skin but when i fell pregnant and to a man who said "how lucky I was to have him" and others said it (he was a really good looking guy) I started to think i was not good enough for him Im not blaming him now (i used too) then post natal depression and low self esteem set in when i found out he was cheating on me and i ate to feel better and until I found a good therapist and the courage to accept better which meant throwing the arse out and learning to see I am a good person and worthy of anyone so sorry for the long winded story but yes it was all emotional like Iv said not going out hiding cause I was ashamed of myself and hating the huge disgrace I became but now im starting to kind of like who I am again
    What brought you here JJ I dont know you but I have a kind of kindred spirit with you I think we share same kind of sense of humour xx

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