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Two diets in one house

Hey guys!
As some of you know, I have been doing Slimming World for a while now. My sister has been doing Weight Watchers on and off for a couple of years, but has gotten back on the wagon this week.
And then there's my Mum who eats 'normally'.
It can be quite frustrating at times! And I can really see the difference between the diets. We were laughing the other day saying that SW want you to eat lots of fruit, veg, and meals made from scratch, whereas WW seems to want you to eat chocolate, cake, ready meals, and drink alcohol :p

Has anyone else had experience like this? Any tips of how to get along??

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I know it's tough, but it's what works for each of you. No helpful advice but wanted to offer a hug.
my sister does ww, but her portions are tiny!!!! they are the same as in veg are free, and i think most of the recipes can be adapted to suit both diets, just that you will never go hungry!
up until 3 weeks ago, i was on sw and my hubby was on ww.(I was previously on ww). If your question relates to what to do at mealtimes, one thing i found handy when making the transition was to "point" my sw meals (potato 2.5, peas 2, meat 6 etc) until i got the hang of the sw diet, that way you can all eat the same meals?
Hope this helps?
Suzanne x
:banghead: No it doesnt not if you read the books you get from classes and follow it properly - nothing could be further from the truth :mad:
I personally believe that to, sorry.
We are all entitled to our opinions. I dont think ww ENCOURAGES it meaning you have to do it but it certainly doesnt discourage it in my view and on ww all i ate was rubbish but honestly its not the plan, its you following it if you use your point on those things, like i did.

Tips? I dont have any! Its a bloody nightmare and i have been there!:p
But if you ate rubbish that was your choice. WW plan now is all about cooking from scratch and choosing filling foods, brown pasta, brown rice loads of veggies etc same as SW.

If people choose to use their points on rubbish then it's like people on SW eating mostly Mugshots Pasta and Sauce, packet macaroni etc. Yes you're following SW but not the way you're meant to :)


is getting better at it
hi me and other half follow 2 different diets and they could not be further away from each other, i do rosemary conley and he does atkins, we mostly eat the same things but cooked differently or we cook our own meals


Is a crunchy mama!
Why don't you cook what you would usually eat on SW and your sis can weigh out her portion to meet her points requirements?
We don't really eat the same meals at the same times very often here. We pretty much always have something different from each other. I did cook my sister and I a pasta meal the other day which she found easy enough to point. And as it was, even though she had to point some of the meal she still had way more points left for the day than I had syns! I know she's struggling with the amount of food she's having to eat at the moment, believe it or not. She actually said to me earlier that she can't wait to lose a bit of weight so her points go down!! She doesn't even count exercise or her very physical job to get more points, she's just on the basic amount for her height and weight.

What I meant earlier was that SW syns seem very high compared to the WW points for the same product/item-for example chocolate, biscuits, cake, alcohol, etc...
I wasn't having a go at either diet, I was just pointing out the differences we have already noticed. Plus I've been a bit frustrated of late having to watch people around me eating things like cake :eek:

But I feel I must point out that we both eat a LOT of veg and quite a bit of fruit :)

I'm this sister in question here.

:banghead: No it doesnt not if you read the books you get from classes and follow it properly - nothing could be further from the truth :mad:

This was half jokey BTW,yesterday we were just comparing how points and syns match upto each other, no need to get head bangy.

We're getting along OK, we'll muddle through, I'm sure *dramatic* :8855:

Metrognome, I think its really cool what you and your Mr are doing :)

I tried SW but just didn't get along with it really, I don't think there are any diets that are better than others, that's not what this was about. WW just works better for me, I'm sure we both live in some sort of harmonious dieting state :p ;)


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I think with EE it's now easier to eat similar things - I remember my friend giving me some WW recipes a long time ago and I said I couldn't have those (potatoes, chicken, veg etc in a "pie"). Now with EE it would be a doddle.

I agree with starlight, you can survive on "junk" on SW if you wanted - I know people who live on pasta in sauce and mugshots and ready meals and even though the fruit and veg is free, they don't eat it!
It's all down to choice.

When I pointed my SW day (for reference with my WW friend), it worked out at about 20 points which I belive is about right for WW??

Good luck to you both, I'm sure it can be done!
Just getting 'head bangy' cos it drives me nuts the common misconception that WW is all convenience food and junk.

Glad youre working out something that works for you both
I have never really considered this before because I have never considered what I think of weight watchers before, simply because I don't think i know enough to make an informed comment, BUT, I think the misconception probably stems from the fact that the weight watchers range of products are predominantly convenience foods and ready meals.

Obviously there is a reason for that, bringing out branded weight watchers fruit and veg would be a bit costly and pointless, and the ready meals are an excellent standby to have in the freezer.

But it is how they make their presence in the market felt, so it isn't really that surprising that without attending classes or learning more, that's how people will identify them.

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