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Two more weeks or RTM?

Hi, I haven't posted on here much but I have been 'lurking' on the forum since I started LL in January and I've been overwhelmed by how much everyone has helped each other out on here.

I have a bit of a dilemma on my hands at the moment and having spoken to my family, who are quite non-committal in helping me make my decision, I thought I'd ask the LL experts :)

So I'm 22, started at 16stone and lost 57 lbs over 11 weeks. I'm fairly happy with my size at the moment (probably a 14), but I'm aware that I could do with losing about a stone more. I have two weeks left officially on abstinence and I'm not even considering Developers as I know I don't want to continue much longer like this. Everything has been going pretty well over the past 3 months other than
the usual bowel and 'movement' problems, which I'm hoping are under control now.
But, the past 4 or 5 days I've been feeling increasingly faint and close to blacking out when I move (I was advised to move slower to counteract this but can't seem to get a grip on that!). I've had the worst headaches (and I have a history of headaches so they're usually a routine part of life), needed to sleep more and more and just generally felt like crap- something close to 'fluey' is the only way I can describe it. Now, I've been deliberating all night, should I just go on RTM this week, be happy with the pounds that I have lost rather than worry about those I haven't lost. Or am I just grasping at straws to put an end to the 'starvation' period?
Gone through the book and the parent- adult-child stuff, and I'm pretty sure that I'm approaching this in a rational way. But maybe another person's perspective would see this differently!
So basically what I'm asking is...do I perservere with feeling ill for another two weeks and maybe lose half a stone or cut my losses and head for the next stage?
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance
delyth xxx
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I was in the same sort of boat in October, I persevered for about 2-3 weeks extra when feeling really rubbish, lethargic, ill... And to be honest, in many cases (not all) it really is the body telling you it's had enough. If it lasts more than a few days I doubt it can be put down to JUST a 'stroppy' mindset.
I am also 22, and by October I had lost 8 stone with still 1 stone to go until my BMI target. But I thought - well it doesn't have to be all done in one go if it's making me feel rubbish. So I went on RTM, and decided to continue with Lighter Life Lite in February.
There are other ways you can lose one stone, you just have to find the one that is right for you! Most importantly, be healthy. Plus if you feel comfortable now (you've done fab by the way!!) then just stop! There is NO NEED to push yourself beyond your means. If you're ready for RTM, then go for it. But by all means do it properly! It really helps! :D


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I had the same thing but put up with the faintness and yes, I nearly blacked out more than once, for several weeks. But I had a lot of weight to lose so I decided to do it. But even though I still had some weight to lose - I stopped a week and a half ago and went onto rtm because I was getting concerned about my health.

Only you will truly know - I wish I could make the decision easy for you, but I do wish you luck with it and I'm sure you'll do what is right for you :)


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i felt the same as you do and moved to rtm but i didnt do milk week that might be worth a try
Thank you all for your advice and congratulations to all of you on your brilliant losses. It really helps to know that other people are in the same boat as this journey can feel quite isolating at times. Got my WI tomorrow night, will chat to the LLC but I'm more or less sure now that RTM is my way forward, I find the LLL route suggested by Minerva quite appealing afterwards.
Thanks again and best wishes for you all on your individual journeys
delyth xxx


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Sorry I didn't see this earlier, but your decision is made now anyway isn't it, should have started in fact ;).

I felt ill during the last stone last time Del, and actually did faint :eek:

Hope you're having a good week and see you Monday for our last week :wave_cry:

BTW, Del and I are in the same group and she looks and is completely FANTASTIC :D:D:D
Awww thanks hun- ditto to you too!! I was thinking last Monday night how different everyone looks in our group, and the confidence just radiates out of you now, rightly so as you're looking great =)

Yup, the decision was made and it was definitely right for me, lot more upbeat this week and nowhere near as bad with the headaches/blackouts. Will see you Monday for our last session (where did the weeks go?!), hope you're having a good week
p.s. can't wait to see our photos!

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