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two weeks in Tenerife ...

Hey gang - hope u r all well - got back from 2 wks abroad early this morning (Mon) - just thought I'd have a rant actually - I went abroad on Sun 5th and was watchin what I was eatin a week before that - I tried a non SW different way for a change, just cuttin down in general and still goin on the treadmill every day, as I wanted to get prepared for my holiday and intended still being good in Tenerife - once we got there, I joined a gym and went EVERY day on the treadmill - I felt really good and aspyed a pair of scales on the 9th day, so thought why not? I was very disappointed to see the poundage was exactly the same as when I left the UK - get this: not one crumb of cake, biscuit, donut, sauce of any kind, bread, butter etc etc had passed my lips - I had grilled fish one day, loads and loads of fruit and salads, jacket spuds, canarian spuds (no sauce) the rest, so you can imagine how flippin down I was after ALL that hard work - if I'd been eating what I wanted and indulging in holiday food, then I would have been exstatic to just remain the same weight, but to not budge below my starting weight after denying myself so much was annoying to say the least - so, after the 9th day, I even cut out alcohol and lived on diet Red Bull and coke (zzzz) - that is, until Sat and Sun when I thought sod it, 2 days left, I'll just have what I want and boy did it feel good - traditionally we have a curry the day we get home, so shall do that 2nite and be back on SW 2mrw - I dunno, we work so hard and get no results - the ONE thing I did wonder was this: an u put on muscle by pounding away on a treadmill, therefore making the scales not read what you would like (lol) ??? Yours - Disappointed of Peterborough!!!!
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Don't worry, be happy :)
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hey smidgget,
well done on being so disaplined on holiday and for getting back on the ball so soon after finishing.
Just wondered if you uped your water intake when on hols? With the weather being hotter and drinking alcohol plus exercising you body may have been slightly more dehydrated than usual and therefore would cling on to water. I wouldn't worry about it your body will show the results of your hard work soon just give it a week or so, sometimes they are stubborn little things!:D


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There are loads of reasons why the scales may have been showing a STS...

  • Different scales show different results
  • Weighing at a different time than you normally do (you are lighter in the morning)
  • Increased excersise can affect weight loss at first as the body adjusts
  • The heat may have affected how your body was storing water
to name a few.

I wouldn't be dissapointed in yourself in fact I would be very pleased if I'd done that much excersise and cut back on holiday binging. When is your official WI?


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Welcome back from your holiday.

1st thought - You were on scales different from your own, are you sure they were 100% accurate? It sounds like you were doing everything right, so keep doing the plan and see what the scales say on your normal WI.

Well done for staying on plan so much whilst on holiday though - that deserves a huge :happy096:


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OMG You joined a gym on your HOLIDAY my hat goes off to u that is immense dedication and i certainly couldnt do it. xx I think that u must be holding onto water i always do but i can usually tell by my feet please dnt be disapointed u did fab x

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