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Typical food plan?


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Me again!

What is your weekly food plan like??

Ive been sat here all day working out whats what in dinners that will cook for my family but its taken me hours, surely its not sposed to be like this??

I will be mostly doing "green" and "EE".

Am i over complicating things??!
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you will find you spend ages working stuff out at the beginning, and i always take time to plan my meals throughout the week - but then you don't have to think about it once it's all sorted!

There are loads of food diaries posted in the food diary section of the forum which should give you a good idea of what people are eating.

I always think it's often easier to start with what you normally eat and then adapt it to be SW friendly.

Good luck!
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It does get easier after you have been doing sw for a while.
I tend to sit down on my day off and put mine together... here is mine starting from Thurs. Im rejoining on weds evening so got it ready xxx

[*]Thursday 6th Jan: Extra Easy Day[/*]
Breakfast: Omelette & salad
Lunch: Scan bran pizza (HEB) topped with Cheese (HEA)
Dinner: Beef & Veg chilli with boiled rice & salad
[*]Friday 7th Jan: Green Day[/*]
Breakfast: Milk (HEA) & Cereal (HEB)
Lunch: Minestrone Soup
Dinner: Breaded fish (HEB) with sw chips & mushy peas
Syns: Breadcrumbs
[*]Saturday 8th Jan: Green Day[/*]
Breakfast: summer berries & yoghurt
Lunch: Brocolli macaroni & cheese (HEA)
Dinner: Chicken or beef casserole (HEB) with mash & veg
Syns: gravy
Snack: Cereal bar (HEB)
[*]Sunday 9th Jan: Extra Easy Day[/*]
Breakfast: Sw fry up (bacon, sausage, tomatoes, beans, poached egg, mushrooms)
Lunch: Bacon Rosti's
Dinner: Mixed pepper & chicken bake with veg & potatoes
Syns: Sausages
Snacks: Ryvita Mini's (HEB) & Milk (HEA) for hot drinks
[*]Monday 10th Jan: Green Day[/*]
Breakfast: Fruit, yoghurt & cereal bar (HEB)
Lunch: Red pepper stuffed with batchelor's savoury rice, topped with cheese (HEA)
Dinner: Spaghetti Carbonara with cheese (HEA) & Ham (HEB)
[*]Tuesday 10th Jan: Extra Easy Day[/*]
Breakfast: Bacon, beans, tomatoes & poached egg
Lunch: Ham & cheese (HEA) sandwich (HEB) with salad
Dinner: Cottage Pie & veg
Syns: Gravy
[*]Wednesday 11th Jan: Green Day[/*]
Breakfast: Milk (HEA) & Cereal (HEB)
Lunch: Potato & spinach bake topped with cheese (HEA)
Dinner: Veg & Lentil curry with rice, sw chips
Syns: Weight Watchers mini naan
Snacks: Cereal bar (HEB)
I don't plan in advance of shopping, because it all depends what looks good when I get to the shops.

I plan as I go round the supermarket. In nearly every supermarket the vegetables and fruit are the first thing you come to, so that's where I start. I see what vegetables and fruit look nice, are on special offer, and which I fancy. Having sorted out the superfree for the week, I then go and look at meat, fish, cheese, pulses, and think about what I already have in store at home (I always keep tins of cannellini beans, chickpeas, lentils, tuna, sweetcorn, etc., in stock).

Then I get things for desserts - usually jelly and yogurt, plus fruit.

At the moment I am working on the principle of having at least half of each lunch and dinner as vegetables - tonight I am having a salad of grated carrot, chopped lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sliced cucumber, chopped celery - plus a small tin of cannellini beans and a small tin of tuna.

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