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i made it to 4 days hun but i admit this is a really hard diet, just keep tryin hun xx

chin up tomorrows another day


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No no no you can do it!!!!! just take one day at a time and have water when you feel bad. I felt so hungry on Tuesday, I split my teatime shake at three o'clock and had half then. It was watery but really helped. Think of the fantastic reward at the end x


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The others are right you are NOT a failure! This diet is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do as giving up food is not a natural thing!! So to make it through each day is a huge achievement and you should be happy! You have to take it slowly...one day at a time is the way to do it. If you feel hungry one day then you have a bath, pamper yourself, do your nails, keep sipping the water and have an early night cos you know the next day you will be fine and feeling so much better! Just keep thinking that everytime your tummy rumbles or your head thinks about food..that it is your body burning off all that extra fat :D xx


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Dont be down on yourself it is really hard iv been trying to get back on the wagon for 4 months the others are right take one day at a time and when your feeling hungry occupy yourself with somthing i find spring cleaning really helps xxx


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You can do it luv, sure it's REALLY hard, but the rewards more than make up for it.
Like everyone's said, sip the water, keep busy, imagine yourself in a few weeks after a few weigh ins and the compliments start rolling in....
The first few days are the worst, but you can do it. Once the ketosis kicks in it is so much better and you don't feel hungry. I'm still having the odd bad day but it really is worth it. You are definitely not a failure, the time has to be right and coming on here really helps.


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I'll just repeat what everyone has said. DONT give up. You are NOT a failure and it really is a hard diet but it really is worth the results!! Please, just stick it out 1 day at a time and as each day goes by, it WILL get easier!! YOU CAN DO IT!!
All of the above!

It's hard but stick with it. I am on day 14 and very surprised I made it this far hun.

If I can do it then so can you, I weighed 23.3 stone when I started and lost a stone the first week (2nd WI tomorrow) so believe in people when they say it's tough for the first few days it is but it does get easier.

Come on here and have a rant and don't forget the water it really does help.

Good luck hunni.



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