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Ugh, "that" week... (not for Phils,women only!) lol


Bears dont dig on dancin'
I feel awful, argh. I've had a headache since yesterday. I was awake for 2 hours at 1am. My stomach is killing me and I've been dosed up on paracetamol like there's no tomorrow. Bloomin' star week. I swear it's worse since having my son, I never had any trouble before... if I could divorce my uterus I would!! Lmao.
For brekkie I had a bowl of fruit and some maltesers lol. And now I feel sick ugh. Sorry for the moan (but I know someone out there feels the same at the min). Oh I want to sleep...
I'm not expecting a loss at wi on Wed :( (have stuck to plan though) xxx
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Bears dont dig on dancin'
Nah don't have time this morning, I have an incredibly grumpy over tired 15month old boy to deal with! lol. My head is killing me, argh!! Thanks for the hug! xx
Tell me about it, and then some! That flippin' headache - nothing touches it, does it? :mad: The pharmacist recommended Syndol to me, but it makes me sleepy. Might be an option if your littly has an afternoon nap. I've also got one of those wheat bags that you heat up in the microwave - that helps with the pain.
Big hugs and loadsa sympathy :hug99:


Slow but sure....
:grouphugg: Hug's coming your way sweetheart - if/when you get a little time to yourself, lie down with a cold cloth on your head and a hot water bottle on your tummy and try and get a little nap, hope you will feel better very soon, take care now. X


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Ah thanks everyone. I feel a little better, but annoying headache still here! O/H is off to work at 4pm and LO should be in bed at 6:30/7pm, so I get a nice quiet early night! (With any luck...) xxx
Hun...hope that you are feeling better.
Im going through exactly the same thing as you...thumping headache and feeling dizzy all the time.
Was sick with it yesterday until I had eaten something. Blooming curse!!!

Take care and huge hugs coming your way.

I know exactly how you feel! Chin up





Bears dont dig on dancin'
I feel better today, though I got on my cross trainer earlier and had to get off after 11mins as thought I was going to be sick!! Normally I do 30mins a day. Ugh, think I better have some iron-rich stuff for dinner... or maybe a plate of sugar! Lol. Hope you're all feeling a little better too. *hug* xxx

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