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Ugh, weird men!!

My phone started to ring and it was an unknown number which I normally ignore but as I don't owe any debt companies any more (yay!) I flipped open the phone. The guy on the other end asked if I was Claire and I said no and we hung up.

2 minutes later I thought about it and sent him a text saying that it was the person he'd just called and was he looking for Claire Cawse? He text back yes and that she'd given him her number ages ago and he was just checking in on her. Also wanted to know who I was.

I explained that my name is Gemma and I'm friends with Claire. Our numbers are identical except for the very last digit and sometimes we get calls for each other. I gave him her correct number and put my phone on charge in the other room as as far as I was concernced that was the end of the conversation.

He bloody texts me back saying thanks for her number and do I also live in Plymouth as I have a sexy voice!

Who does that kind of thing?! :eek: Weirdo.

Needless to say I haven't text him back lol. I feel a bit weird and also a bit guilty for no reason now!! :eek:

Men are strange.
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what a flipping idiot hun and i dont blame you to ignore the text. hope he dont text you again xx


Wanna be....sexy!
I think it was what you would call chancing his arm,hoping you would respond,chancer!
Lol he just text me a second ago asking if he 'afendid me'. I sound like a right prude now but I just don't like it. I don't like it much when I'm single never mind when I'm not! :eek:
just text him back hun and say not being funny but please can you not text me cos my hubbie wont like it and i am not interested hope you contact claire bye! i have had to do this once be4 and i never heard anything again once i said that
Ahhh good idea :) I'll send that almost word for word (exchanging hubby for b/f *shudders* lol) and let that be it. Thanks sweetie xx
np hun i am not married but always say hubbie it really puts men off, he probably hoping you are single and have someone to text but even if you were this isnt one way you would meet a man and there must have been some reason why claire gave him her number mabe she wants him as a date. let me know how it goes hun xxx


Gonna be slim again
Ahhh good idea :) I'll send that almost word for word (exchanging hubby for b/f *shudders* lol) and let that be it. Thanks sweetie xx
IF that fails chicken pie tell em the LT men here will sort him out!;)
Can't fault the bloke for trying surely. You won't win the lottery if you don't buy a ticket!


Says it as it is!!!
Just tell him to fook off the wierdo!! lol that should work blantent enough for a bloke i think
LMFAO Nic :D And this is why I love you! :D


Says it as it is!!!
hehe ...not like he knows you or anything!!!
Yeah, my sis says i am as blunt as a plastic spoon!!!! :)
What a bally chancer!!!

I know! Just ignored it in the end :)
Good for you hun! Hope your friend doesn't give him the time of day, he doesn't deserve it!



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