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Uh Oh, have i messed up? :(

I made a thread earlier about being starving and 2 days ive had 4 shakes instead of the supposed amount of 3. However today i woke up MEGA hungry and i was soo tempted to eat again (what is wrong with me?) anyways i cant have anymore packs per day as i wont have any left for the next couple days till weight in so i made 4 bits of cauliflower and ate that because it was the best thing in my house. I know it seems silly being so paranoid about eating 4 bits of vegetable lol but does anyone think this is gonna do anything to my weight loss or anything? Jeezo today has been so hard and i feel like ive failed already :(
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Hey this diet is hard and cauliflower is on the Ss+ program maybe you should look into that and if you feel ready to get back to Ss some time in the future that you can

Best of luck
so could i put this day as an ss+ day instead of an ss day? i really do want to do ss the full way just today was so much harder for some reason. I read however on the ss+ you have some type of meat and some veggies. I just had the cauliflower. Would this count as my 200cal meal? Sorry for so many questions im just confused.
Well you don't have to have the meat if you don't want to. But you might find it helps as protien is a natural appetite suppressant

Don't have 200cals worth of veggies due to the carb content Which could effect ketosis and make you feel more hungry

Try also increasing your water consumption

Yes you could count today as an Ss day
thanks missus, im just going to leave the meat and put it down to me losing control lol, im also drinking more water coz if im honest im not drinking as much as i maybe should, just hate having to pee all the time.
Yeah I'm doing more trotting to the loo but it's worth it I've only had minor hunger pangs I don't drink after about 9pm so that I don't have to get up during the night that would just annoy me :)

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