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uh oh I slipped and am now struggling

I'm really annoyed with myself - I did well over Christmas and only had a few tastes of food to satisfy myself (I really mean about a=half a n mouthfull). Then we went to disneyland Paris and I managed 2 days but because I couldn't always get to a toilet easily I drank less water. On the third day I didn't have time to drink my water and shake before we went to breakfast with the family and I took it with me but there was no water so ended up eating breakfast. Then of course I had lunch and tea, and then this morning instead of restarting as was my plan I had toast and butter. i now feel a bit sick and very disappointed with myself.

To top it off just ahd a phonecall to say that the whole family (16 of us) are going to a pub for a sunday lunch to celebrate father in law's birthday but when it was booked it was on the understanding that the pub would let me have a bowl and hot water to make my soup in and that I would have a place at the table. The family are all so proud of me and I'm feeling really bad now.

The obvious thing is to start again with my soup at lunch and just get on with it. sorry but had to tell someone how I feel.
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Back on the wagon!
Christmas and family/hols are so so so hard....while you did eat....you really have not gone totally OTT. Seriously, the best thing is just jump straight back on the wagon....Jan is a great month to re-start LT SSin cos you will be broke and there is usually very little on...so you can concentrate on LT 100%!!! By the way you must be so proud.....you have almost lost 3 stone...bet you feel amazing!!!! Well done....onwards and upwards.....
thanks Bea. I am pleased with what I have managed so far but in the past one slip like that would have me overeating as I wasn't on a diet for the next few months.

I keep telling myself this time is different, I will restart and just leave this slip behind me. I also don't feel well this morning very headachy (i wonder why!!) so I think I will pop a pill and drink loads of water so i couldn't possible fit any food in and rebuild. After all we had a fab time at Disney and I have a load of pics to scrapbook and my hobby always makes me feel better.
Julie, it's just a slip. You'll get back into things again. Just look at what you've achieved already: almost 3 stone in 6 weeks. I hope I'm as successful as you are.

You were very brave to start LT over xmas. My LT lady wouldn't even let me buy the stuff. She said I had to wait until new year.
Hi Julie,

Like Henpom, my phamacist wouldn't let me start LT until after the new year too so I think you have been really brave and done so well.

You've eaten (and hopefully enjoyed it), now just get back to the diet - you've done it once so you know you can do it again! :) Don't feel guilty, just get yourself a bottle of water and sort your Disneyland photos out - there's no need to dwell on anything.

Big hugs - I know it's much easier to say but these things aren't as big as they seem at the time. A few months down the line when you have lost even more weight these few days will be a distant memory. Come on here and have a moan at us if you need to. :hug99:
Thank you, I am starting to feel back in control again now. Have glugged almost 2 litres of water and am going to have my soup for lunch.

I did enjoy the food but it didn't taste that fantastic so maybe that will help me stick to it in the future.

thanks for your support and good luck with your diets
Hi Julie, Im glad you enjoyed disneyland and well done for getting back on the wagon with such a great attitude....I have had some minor slip ups too and the test is getting right back to LT....as they say.....
"You have failed only when you quit trying. Until then, you're still in the act of progression. So, never quit trying and you'll never be a failure"
OOOh freda, I love that quote!! I think I will use it in one of my scrapbook pages about losing half of me.
Thank you all for your support, I ended up picking at the tea tonight. I knew it was dangerous to allow anything at all other than the fluids. So tomorrow I'm restarting and I will be doing my upmost to keep the new phase of this diet "pure".
Freda, I am thank you. I'm back in the zone and completely focused on my goals again. This slip up has alerted to me to how difficult it is for me to restart so hopefully will stop me slipping again - but if I do then I just have to suffer for a week or so to get back on track. Life changes like this are never going to be easy!

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