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Uh oh!!!

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Well, im a bit naffed off because i have just literally been forced into eating a scone with jam and cream!

I say forced and i truly mean it! Im in work and one of the girls has made a batch of home made scones with sultana's, one of the other girls has brought in home made jam and another clotted cream all the way from devon.

They left one on my desk and when i came back they were all waiting for me and asked me to try it as they value my opinion on home cooking as i have a rep as a master chef in work :eek:

So, i was stuck in 2 minds, do i or dont i? One of the girls said to me - ''Ive been waiting for you to come out of your meeting just to try my scones, i hope ive made them ok''

So, i pretty much had to try it because i had 10 pairs of eyes staring at me and waiting eagerly for feedback.

I feel like such a failure now, i always turn down cakes, biccy's and everything but this time was different as they really wanted my opinion and feedback on it.

Right - now ive got that out, its no big deal - im on plan all day today and i have been all week so the syns shouldnt be too much damage.

Any tips on how to NEVER find myself in the situation again?
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Turn to them very slowy and carefully and say, in full on block capitals... "I AM ON A DIET!!!!"

Then poke them all with your letter opener. :p

Or, you know, just take one bite, say 'Mmmmm lovely...' - wait for them to walk away, write off the one bite syns and bin the rest.
Oh how lovely and so thoughful of them!!

I'd do the one bite thing though. Well actually, that is such a lie - I'd eat the lot and write off my syns for the day. I'm such a sucker for cakes!


Extra Easy Apparently...!
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Vixx, you do make me laugh!

I haven't told anyone at work I'm watching what I'm eating so that would be a worst case scenario for me (luckily I don't like scones or jam!) but I'm such a soft touch I would probably have it and write off my syns for the day. What about saying you had a big breakfast so you'll have a taste and take the rest home for after your dinner?
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I agree - unless you truly don't want it (ie, don't like it or something) then just either eat half or take a bite and bin the rest. It's not a big deal though and at the end of the day, normal everyday life can and will sometimes involve eating cakes and scones. Just count it as your syns for the day and continue with your food optimising as usual.

BTW - your avatar looks fab!! xx
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They know you're on a diet, don't they? Grrrr. You should have got your own back by tasting it, then making retching noises and spitting the bite into the waste paper basket with a spluttering "OMG, that was horrible! Is this some kind of JOKE?!". :D
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Hi, I think your colleagues are really cruel. I can avoid cakes by not buying etc, and I am learning to ignore shared cakes at work. However, I can not avoid it if someone plonks a cake right in front of me!! It happened to me too at the weekend. I was having a chicken salad at a restaurant, having avoided all of the things I really wanted, and at the end, the owner plonked a baklava in front of me. I would never have ordered it but I ate it (it was gorgeous) and I estimatated it at about 9 syns. By the way, at work I told my colleagues they were cruel for asking me if I wanted a cake, and now they do not ask me.


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ok -

scone - 8 syns
clotted cream (1tblsp) - 4.5 syns
jam (per level tsp) - 0.5 syns

bet that's not half as bad as you thought :) just be careful for the rest of the day and put it down to experience ;) xx
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Oh I would have eaten it too as I always try to keep folk happy. My work collegue always leaves a wee treat for me on a Wed and last week it was 2 mini toffee crisps so they went right in my bag and the kids got them. I have told her time and time again that I am on diet and she laughs and says one wont hurt and I don't need to worry about my weight. WELL WRONG I do need to worry about my weight and I have come to the conclusion one does hurt as it sets me off on a downward spiral of wanting more and trotting off to canteen vendors for choc and crisps so I now say thanks and take home for the kids or hubby to eat lol.
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Do you want my advice for coping with scone attacks? Or what I would do? Cos they're totally different things! LOL!

I'd have had the scone, with jam but no cream (it really upsets my stomach so at least I've got that in my defence!) and the fact they think so much of your opinion and saved it for you is so lovely...I think it's totally worth using some syns on it and cutting back (if necessary) the rest of the week.


Slow but sure....
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I would have said that "I am on a diet and don't want to break it - but I will try a little bit of your scone just to give you my opinion".....they would have accepted that I'm sure, but never mind it's happened now so just syn it and forget it otherwise you will worry yourself sick about it. X
S: 19st2lb C: 11st3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 23.2 Loss: 7st13lb(41.42%)
Thanks for the advice folks!

Scarlet Daisy - you crack me up!!!!

Thing is, everyone does know im on a 'diet' as i always turn stuff down and my colleagues understand that im not being funny. But today felt really different, i felt pressured for the first time in ages!

Thanks for putting the perspective on the syn values Beki - its not as bad as i thought and i did only have half of it so ive probably not done too much in terms of damage.

I cant make weigh in tomorrow because its the anniversary of my Dad's death and we all get together as a family so even if its had an impact i guess i wont see it until next week, but hopefully i will have had a good loss with it being 2 weeks since weigh in.

What would i do without the wisdom of you minimini's eh?!

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A good one is I would love to but I have a dentist trip and the very thought of going is making me sick or he has told me not to eat after 2pm in case I need a injection.
S: 15st0lb C: 10st8lb G: 10st8lb BMI: 23.2 Loss: 4st6lb(29.52%)
I cant make weigh in tomorrow because its the anniversary of my Dad's death and we all get together as a family
I'm very sorry to hear about your Dad, I hope you and your family are coping. Please accept my condolences. xx

My b/f's Mum died on the 12th of Sept last year - so we will be visiting the place where her ashes are scattered, on Saturday. He is still trying to deal with his bereavement, but I think it will take a lot longer than a year.
One scone is not going to hurt, especially if you are usually really good.

I know how you feel though, I eat at my Mom's twice a week and dread it because she has no idea about what is healthy. She thinks chicken kievs with super noodles and potato waffles is good for you! *facepalm* This is what she cooked for the family last Thursday. I decided to put the super noodles and 1 potato waffle on my syns but when I asked if I could have broccoli instead of the kiev she said "what about protein!?" to which I replied "what about veg!? Potato waffles do not count towards your 5 a day!", lol. Needless to say I got my way in the end! ^_^

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