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Hiya Guys.

I'm feeling really awful with myself today as i've been on cd ss for 9 weeks, and have stuck to it 100% ive missed out on birthdays of close family and friends ect. and even been to meals and sat there and not ate, just had my shake before, i was finiding it ubelieveably easy, untill for no reason at all this weekend, ive just had a massive binge.....including awful things like crisps!....pims and lemonade and BBQ food. im so scared now as i felt out of control again like i used to before going on cd. If anyone could give me some advice on how to get back in to ketosis asap, even though ive eaten today shall i still have my shakes? or shall i miss them out to make up for some of the calories....and start again with the shakes tomorrow??? arrrrrraghhhhhhh feel so ashamed and like ive let myself down big time:cry:
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please try again
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dont worry hun, many of us here have done the same thing

me personally i still have my shakes for the nutrients and drink a little extra water and just grit my teeth and get on with it, ketosis comes back soon enough
Aw hun i know how you feel. I had a binge yesterday and ate chicken salad topped with cheese coldslaw a pork pie and a big bad of crisps glupped down with a glass of wine so i know how your eeling right now. But everyone just told me to get back on track and thats what i did. I have been 100% again today and by tomorra night i hope to be back into ketosis. We will get back on track together hun :D xxxx
Hi im the same had chips while watching the footie, gutted i hate rubbish.!

Pulling my socks up now with extra water tonite.!
start again with your shakes tomorrow hun.xx
G: 9st0lb
Hiya Tasha!
Was just about too reply to your post aswell, as i was thinking, thats exactly how i feel!!!!
I actually feel disgusted with myself, and it all didnt even taste nice!!!
You have done so well to get straight back on to it the next day!
Ive got my WI tomorrow morning, so i think i'll get the shick i need to get me back in to it 100%!
What week you on chick? xxx
Well jazmine i started in Jan lasted till March before i started having chicken salads and messed up then it took me 4months to even get through day 1... but in the end i did it swearing to myself i would never break it again. Well i did :( I was on day 10 too!! Never mind i am still back on it 100% and going to gett he rest of this bloody weight off :D xxx
G: 9st0lb
Well done you!! :) Jan to march thats fab!! How'd you get on today hun?? almost back in to ketosis now!! yay!!! And whens your WI? let me know how u get on!!! i had mine this morning, and still lost 2 pounds so wasnt too bad, but still bad enough from stopping me doing it again!! day one almost over and its going well!!! xxx


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Aw seriously, don't beat yourself up over this blip. If we were honest, I would imagine that the majority of us have had at least one major crisis on our journey. The last time I did CD I rammed an entire box of Bendicks Victorian Mints down my throat!! :jelous: I was sooo upset at the time, threatening to make myself sick etc etc, but was talked around by someone on here (Icemoose) and got back on track the next day. What he said to me was that that box of chocolates would not have put back on all the weight I had already lost, so as long as I put it behind me and got straight back on the diet all would be fine - he was right. I ended up losing 4.5 stones, and I will never forget what he told me.

The same goes for you - whatever you've lost over the last 9 weeks you can no way have put back on in one weekend. So let it go and move onwards........and downwards :D

Lesley x


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Jazmine ..awww yeah you had a blip, but you know you HAVE to pick yourself up and carry on.

Try to use a different analagy when thinking about your blip ... if you were parking your car and you bumped it .... how would you feel? Bad for a little while, sure you might even have scratched your lovely car, but you still got to park the car once you get over the upset of it all. You need to hop back in the driving seat and carry on.

We all slip up at times, me too ...a couple weeks ago I had a few days (5 actually) where every single day I ate a meal. I felt so bad about it and weight loss indicated that I STS. I decided to just put it behind me and got back on track pronto ... couldn't bear about wasting the money or even going through the additional heart ache of giving up as a failure.

I hope today is a better day for you. HUGS.


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jump back on the CD wagon, you can do it!



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you can do it!!! jump right back on it! xx

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