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ultimate frustration!!


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i went out to get weighed last night so i asked my bf to make tea, he did and i know he means well but i came home tucked in and he had made pasta with a beany type sauce stuff it was fine what i had asked him to do...

he said 'youll never guess the hidden ingredient' to which i was like :confused: but he had chucked an apple in and cooked it and he would refuse to believe that a cooked apple = syns.

then he said 'oh i had to improvise too, i stuck to the recipe but we didnt have any passata so i just used a tin of heinz tomato soup'

so just when i thought i was having a completely free tea and being really good for the day he has sabotaged me AGAIN and tipped me over my syns...

i know it was only 7 syns for the meal but when i thought it was syn free its FRUSTRATING!!
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Oopsy :) I tend to turn into a bit of a control freak around food when I'm following an eating plan, and won't let anyone prepare food for me! If I have absolutely no choice then I watch them making it like a hawk! Lol. Once my stepdad used a load of cornflour to thicken my special diet stock gravy! And they wonder why I want to cook my own food. A lot of men don't understand these things :D bless 'em!


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Bless him I bet he was so proud of himself as well wasnt he??

My bf is the same, he's like ooohhh I've done you a lovely SW meal and then you look and he's put a couple of onion rings or something on my plate, you know as a 'treat', I smile and thank him and then ignore him when he asks why I didnt eat my 'treat'. Men eh sometimes they just dont get it :)


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Awwwww bless him - one of those things Im afraid, Ive done it to myself a few times too and its soooooo annoying!


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I hate it when this happens so can completely sympathise.

I have no problem whatsoever spending syns, but in my mind they are for the real treaty stuff that you savour- not just normal food!
I once realised a friend had been getting me normal gin and tonic instead of slimline all night 9despite me being very specific) I tried to laugh it off but inside I was FURIOUS as it just seemed like such a waste of syns

Having said that- it isn't the end of the world, but I really do feel for you on this one


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It is frustrating. Do you think he would be up for a bit of SW educating? Either getting him to get to grips with the book or showing him a recipe and explaning that there isn't any room for deviation?



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Men eh sometimes they just dont get it :)

Not just men ;)

My wife often makes my dinner in the evening (for which I'm EXTREMELY grateful ;)), and frequently tells me how it's syn-free, and what good things are in it.

It's only after it's been eaten that the truth comes out. A teaspoon of oil here, a small knob of butter there.

Last night she made me lovely tuna sandwiches, on wholemeal bread without butter. Oh yes, the tuna was in brine I was assured. When I commented how nice they were and that I'd make more for tomorrow, I found out about the tablespoon of full fat mayo thrown in to make it 'tastier' for me :mad:


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Oh no!!! What a nightmare!!

I have to say i LOVE people cooking for me, but even if you give them a recipe they deviate! My OH is the main cuprit bless him and he is behind me 100% but just doesnt realise how much it means to me for things to be on track.

Im afraid the only way to avoid this is that i cook for myself and my family every evening! I can completely understand where you're coming from!!


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Ha ha Scan Bran, apologies I dont mean to pick on the men ;)

Ooh I bet you wondered how your wife had made such delicious sandwiches, now you know the truth, ooopps!!

Partners eh, sometimes they just dont get it! :)


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well at least he cooks nice things, if i asked my oh to cook i will have beans on toast.
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My OH can even boil savoury rice, he ruined 3 pans! Bless him <3


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Hi Scan bran my OH is exactly the same, he does the majority of the cooking so I've taken to grilling him about everything he's going to put in the next days dinner to ensure I can syn it and then work round it the rest of the day - hard work but at least I know what I'm having. Bless them they all mean well.


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anyone that partners cook are so lucky! I really wish mine would cook, how did u get them to cook? Ive got the typical footie man that loves sport however he does clean x


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I feel like the very lucky odd one out! :candledinner: My OH manages to cook SW meals perfectly (and checks with me if he's unsure). And he's a fantastic cook to boot!

/now feels extra lucky! :cupid:

But i do sympathise, and can imagine how frustrating it would be!:hug99:


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I feel like the very lucky odd one out! :candledinner: My OH manages to cook SW meals perfectly (and checks with me if he's unsure). And he's a fantastic cook to boot!

/now feels extra lucky! :cupid:

But i do sympathise, and can imagine how frustrating it would be!:hug99:
Me too :) I just leave out the recipe and he follows it to the letter :angel09: I do all the shopping and planning of meals though, so it can't go too wrong!
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my OH is the same. Puts some SW chips on whilst I get our daughter to bed ... uses olive oil ("just a bit!") and leaves the fat on the chops until they're cooked and tells me just to leave it on my plate ... :mad:
pesky creatures these boyfriends/girlfriends/partners/wifes/husbands!!!
can be.

blimey have i covered everyone!!!

my boyfriend made me batchelors pasta n sauce chicken and mushroom soup the other day. yes you mite well as is that!!!

the fool had only put double the water in needed, guessing instead of measuring it, and presented it to me proud as punch.floating away in the bowl it was.

couldnt even see the pasta for all the water!!!!! i ask you how can anyone cock up pasta n sauce.

i ate it though cause if i upset him and say anything he might not cook for me again.

oh hold on maybe i dont want him to cook for me

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My OH cooks, cleans and does the DIY. He's brilliant. However, i can empathise with you 100% because he's also deviated from the SW recipe a couple of times. He's added a knob of butter in the SW Butternut Squash Risotto meal and instead of using bacon he put pancetta!!! :eek: Whaaaaaaaaat!!? Bless him. He's stuck to the letter since this happened.

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i know its jsut as simple as if your not sure... ask!! the way slimming world works is by keeping charge of those little things becuase lets face it the vast majority of us are overweight through lots and lots of little things! a little knob of butter here, a squeeze of mayo there it does make a massive difference!

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My husband is exactly the same. He knows I go to SW, he knows I want to lose a couple of stone, he also knows Im worried as both my parents are very overweight (this has mainly occurred since they were about my age) and I dont want to end up the same way. Although he himself doesnt want to always follow the SW plan as he's quite happy with his weight. He does all the cooking (I get the lovely task of washing up) and so of course things are made how he wants to. Although since I started SW he has made a few swaps, eg he fries anything in fry-lite now instead of oil, he makes a meal out of the SW recipe books and follows them to the letter, but its everything else. Luckily our teas have always been fairly healthy, but cos of this I do try to make sure I stay very low on my syns till tea (so far today Ive had 2.5) Also cos of this Ive decided to take the scenic route to my weight loss goal (which is better for me anyway). I know that if I got too strict on my eating he wouldnt appreciate it (after all Ive been told and read countless times that men prefer women who do eat what they want rather than stick to salad all the time)

I think that its each to their own where they get their syns from, I get mine from my evening meals (a little nob of butter here, a bit of olive oil there) whereas I never eat chocolate or crisps etc. Im more than happy having fruit for a snack and syn free breakfasts and lunches.

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