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I occasionally use Slimfast for breakfast when I'm in a rush, I love their vanilla and strawberry milkshakes. Mmm. :) I feel they're better for me than something like a cereal bar because they have all the added vitamins and minerals.
I definitely prefer them to ultraslim ones, you can taste the artificial sweeteners, and they're less creamy. I also don't like chocolate milk so it stuck me with strawberry all the time. I'm not really a breakfast person, so it's easier for me to drink my calories and it then just gives me a boost till lunch or when I have time for a mid-morning snack.

I have done ultraslim, just before I started taking the pills, I bought the powder drums but they just didn't taste as nice as the pre-made ones. The ones that have been ready made for you are so expensive as well. I ended up missing food so much, to deal with the restricted meal that I could actually eat proper food I was just eating frozen ready meals to keep within the calorie allowance and adding veg. That strictness of the diet I think makes it easier to follow, there's no thinking, you know what you can have and you just stick to that. It may be good for a quick fix, for an upcoming event but it's not for life, I ended up gaining all the weight back when I started to eat proper food again.

Hope this helped you. There's pros and cons...
hi there,
i have done slim fast (for about 10 months) while taking the pills, so if you have any questions about anything please feel free to either ask or pm me.... :)


Violet is shrinking
Hi Kes,i was given 2 ready made milkshakes and a huge tub of asdas own slim fast powder..i had thought about having a shake in the morning,would i be ok to do this? :)
i did the 2 shakes 3 snacks and 1 meal for ages... still took my tablets with them..
and i lost 4ish stone doing it... :)..
i find it quick and easy, and i dont have to think about food and reading labels for the 2 meals a day....... :)

just dont have the bars, or snack bars... they will give you oil...


Violet is shrinking
thanks Kes,i think i'll finish my week and see what happens on weigh in day..i want to loose a bit of weight quite quick,as a boost i think :rolleyes:

hi moonlite,have you been to myfittnesspal,they have some nifty calculators there that tell you your calories based on your height to weight ratio :D

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