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Umm newbie! Looking for friends! .....


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hey! :eek: well ive been a member of this site for a while but stopped using it! .. not really sure why but im back!

I started WW at the begining of Jan this yr
(it was my profile pic that was the kick up the butt)

Im currently on 22 points a week and have been finding it quite good going! Ive lost 8lbs so far and i attend a weekly class! .........

Im looking for friendship and buddys who trully know what its like to lose weight! instead of my skinny cornish friends who pretend to know! lol

anyway im a chocaholic! im finding that part tricky! Im a diet coke addict to! ... and hate water i find it difficult to drink 2 pints a day! but i slowly getting there!

My birthday is in May and id like to be a stone and half down by then! :cool:

Thanks for reading! hehe its longer than i wanted! .. but never mind! its lovely to find so many like minded people! xxx :)
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Well done Pixie on getting started !!! fingers crossed you'll have that weight off by your birthday :)

keep us posted with your progress !!


Debz xx
Welcome aboard :)

What a great start youve got off to!!

I found Diet Coke ended up making me feel SO bagged up but I hate drinking water, until I added sugar free squash! I drink about 2/3 litres a day. Im not convinced that drinking lots when youre doing something like WW actually makes a difference but I have to admit I find I feel better for not drinking so much fizz & caffeine

Look forward to hearing how youre getting on :)
Hi pixie, well done on your 8lb off already thats a fab start.
I hated drinking water and as I don`t like tea,coffee or hot chocolate diet coke was all I ever drank.
But I now try to have between 2-3 litres of water a day and only maybe 3-4 fizzy drinks a week I can`t stand the taste of diet coke now.
I must admit I feel a lot better for it, I was forever feeling bloated.
Good luck with it.


Going From Flab to FAB!
What a lovely response! :party0011:... Good Morning all xxxx ... I feel like ive had a good start and dont feel deprived either (yet) LOL ...

Paula- I know how you feel ive tried lots of diets before ! But but but !! this time its all coming off!
Sazzy + Starlight! ... I hate water to! and i do have a couple of pints a day with squash in it but somtimes i sorta look at it and think Ewwwww yuk! i know its good for ya and all that but ummm well ewww!

Thanks Jools! it certainly helps to know were not alone in our battles! lol ...

The diet coke thing is ummm still there but im trying to limit myself to drinking it only in the evenings now! and only 2 glasses max! I find if i cut it out completly i end up with the most horrendous headaches! ... (must be all that nasty caffeine!)

Im just going to nosh my breaky and then ill be back to check the boards xxxx

Hi Pixie and welcome.

Whereabouts in Cornwall are you from, as you can see, I live near Penzance.

Well done on your diet so far. I am following WW (loosely) just to control my weight now xxx


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hey Cheryl! .........alrite N aree! (said in her bestest Cornish accent)
I was born in Penzance! .........

Love it there! My mum and dad and sister still live there! My auntie lives in Helston

I moved to the New Forest 2 yrs ago as this is where my OH is from and he couldnt find any work in Zance!

Great to meet another local Maid ! lol


Going From Flab to FAB!
wow Paula what a move! ... Your braver than me! Me and my OH often talk about leaving the Uk but wont because our families are here! ... I hope your loving it there!

NewForest trully is a lovely place! and it always looks different! I live in a village called Sway and from our front door its a 2 mins walk until open forest ... great for when the Dog wants to take me for a drag:chores016:


Going From Flab to FAB!
The horses are lovely but guaranteed during the summer the local paper is full of stories about grockles being bitten kicked etc ... Because they try to feed,pet them ! .:rolleyes:. and when they have just had foals! it isnt the brightest thing to be doing! LOL

The highland cattle are FAB so big! they just stand in the road with their huge horns sticking out! bit like an organic can opener!

The donkeys are cute to and allow you to stroke them altho a month ago 2 were killed (hit by a car) mother and daughter they were both pregnant to :(

The pigs get let loose during the autumn to eat all the acorns! so theres always somthing to look at LOL ... I love it here


Going From Flab to FAB!
Gorgeous in the summer time! ... cant wait for picnics and sitting watching the world go by!


Going From Flab to FAB!
sounds fantastic! ... I know this is probably a daft question ! but is it hot there all the time?

Id love to have a trip there ! Only ever been to Turkey LOL

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