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Ummm .. I was doing so well :(

Over the last week I have felt uninspired and a bit let down with only losing 1lb for two weeks despite sticking to plan and going to aqua aerobics twice weekly .. now I just feel like taking a week off for a break and then getting stuck back in to it.

I am going to see my friend for a long weekend for a night out and a Saturday of shopping and I know I am not going to stick to the plan then - booked my WI as a holiday as I only get back on the Monday so I have two weeks before weigh in so to be honest I feel like not going at it 100% this week and relaxing .. not binging or gaining but just not 100% and then really go for it next Monday for the week before weigh in and get back in to plan.

I just feel like I need a break ... someone kick me please! I just needed to write down how I am feeling. I am on plan today but I just really want some of the peanuts in cupboard :( I haven't felt like this since I started .. I was so on it and I have lost 22lbs so far but now I just want to take a week off .. eugh eugh eugh .. I know I shouldn't :(
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I have been taking a break this week, as the 2 weeks prior i did pretty much the same as yourself as well as the exercise. Its my weigh in tonight after the week break so i will see what damage i have done to my weight loss. I am ready to kick my own a** this week.


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Sometimes it does us good to relax a little and tbh we don't fall off plan as much as we think we do. Keep your days as red/green/EE loosely speaking and just have a bit of something you fancy each day. EE is great for socialising and you can stay in control as much as possible.

You've done so well so far, don't fall off the wagon - just relax and enjoy your break and have the treats you fancy in moderation hun. xx


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You've been doing so well! Why don't you do your best to eat healthily, use flexible syns to try and stay in control and limit the damage? But please! Put those peanuts out for the birds! :eek:


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Just take care and eat healthly, and you will soon get back on track again. X
Thanks guys :) I have stuck to plan so far today. I feel much better for just letting of steam telling someone how I feel - esp because you all understand. I am going to keep going, the support I can get here helps me carry on when all I want is to eat peanuts :p Had a nice syn free lunch instead x



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Don't know if this helps at all but how about roasting some chickpeas and putting a little salt on after? They're a great (if you have a good imagination) peanut substitute.

Dead easy too (rinse and sieve a tin of chickpeas - put them on a baking tray, sprinkle with salt and put them in the oven at about 190 degrees for about 30-45 mins - till they've all shrunk in size & are crispy. you can use other flavours too - garlic, paprika etc :) )

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Try doing EE plan that way you will have more options with what you eat and may find it easier to fit in with being away for a few days. Just make sure that this isn't the begining of the end of you trying to achieve your goal so sending the kick you asked for:asskick:Enjoy your break with your friend. xx

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